Safer Saws—PlethoraGaming


1A: “I’ve tried to be fair, but the more I hear about SawStop and Stephen Gass, the more of a bully and a jerk they seem to be.”

1B: This says Bosch was trying to cooperate with Stephen Gass, but as Bosch looked into SawStop they seemed like bullies

1C: This is an opinionated claim

1D: Does not really have any evidence behind it, but they did say they tried to cooperate and create a ‘safe’ saw. And ended up making a safe saw of their own


11A: “Tom Corbett was helping remodel a home in Manchester, Massachusetts, two years ago when a piece of wood he was trying to cut jammed in his table saw and his hand was thrown into the blade. Four of his fingers were severed in an instant.”

11B: This amputee is saying he accidentally got injured.

11C: Proposal, seems like he wants safety to be more accessible.

11D: This makes complete sense logically, why wouldn’t someone who lost their fingers want better safety technology for their tools.

Industry Spokespeople

3A: “The agency has been wrestling with the issue, on and off, for 15 years. So far, its most definitive act has been to give SawStop an award for safety innovation. It will be at least next year before the agency adopts a regulation, if it ever does..”

3B: There are ways to avoid getting injured with system like SawStop, but we are not having this as a mandatory quite yet.

3C: Proposal, they are trying to get safety to be a higher priority as it 15 years have gone by trying to push this.

3D: This is persuasive to push saw safety, 15 years is a long time and we still have not come to a resolve. With technology like SawStop theres a question asked why have there been no improvement on regulation for safety yet.

Personal Injury Lawyers

6A: “Now these manufacturers are facing dozens of lawsuits brought forth by people whose injuries could have been prevented had SawStop or similar safety mechanisms been in place. People who have lost fingers, hands, and arms to table saws have been devastated by their injuries, multiple surgeries, and medical bills they may never be able to pay so long as they are unable to work.”

6B: SawStop could have prevented injuries, and still help people continue their jobs

6C: Fact, there are several people being injured and lawsuit brought to the manufacturers.

6D: This seems accurate because people can not work if they lose fingers or arms, SawStop could have kept people their jobs





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