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If table saws can be safer….

1A. News Reporter for NPR Chris Arnold said, “SawStop, Gass’ little upstart company, has sold tens of thousands of these safer table saws, and lately things have been heating up in Washington.”

1B. The author is claiming that the company made by Steve Gass is becoming big, and that these safer table saws are causing trouble for big companies.

1C. This is an evaluation claim made by Chris as he noticed safer saws and the issues in washington.

1D. This claim seems reasonable as Chris backs it up using the fact that Sawstop sold many products leading up to the safety concerns facing other large companies. Other companies could’nt afford to incorporate the safety measures, and are now being forced to. Chris’s logic implied behind this is that big companies are always going for the cheapest option and want to avoid costly additions to their products, even if the technology is out there.

Steve Gass’s Finger

2A. Steve Gass says, “Theres about 60,000 medically treated accidents on table saws every year. About 3,000 take there fingers off every year about 10 a day.”

2B. The creator is listing facts about the issues surrounding table saws and how the problem needs to be addressed.

2C. This is a factual claim, as it lists statistics about table saws.

2D. The creator of this safety design lists facts about table saw injuries each year to try to bring light to the issue. His reasoning would also be to bring light to his product and question why big saw manufacturers aren’t incorporating his effective design into their products.

Bosch Tools Sawstop Lawsuit

3A. Clint Deboer in a news article states, “The Power Tool Institute (made up of many of the major tool manufacturers) takes strong offense to the concept of making safety devices like this mandatory on products like table saws.”

3B. The author of this article states that the Power Tool Institute is against making safety devices mandatory on table saws.

3C. This is an opinion claim, as there is no reference for this claim and he is sort of speaking for the company.

3D. This claim however is still reasonable, as he provides previous information that can help back his opinion. His logic behind this is that the Power Tool Institute is against safety devices as they would inhibit cost and profit, regardless of ethical concerns.

Grab Bag of Fingers

4A. Myron Levin states “Since it started making table saws in in 2004, SawStop has recorded 2,000 “finger saves”—customer reports of accidents likely to have caused disfiguring injuries with conventional saws, but that resulted in minor cuts or a few stitches at most. (SawStop also has acknowledged two reports of amputations.)”

4B. The author provides effective feedback from the use of safer saws made by SawStop.

4C. This is a factual claim, as it is releasing a consumer safety report and provides results.

4D. The author uses this claim to back that the SawStop really is effective and should be implemented into all saws. The author also provides the seriousness of the issue by revealing what injuries occur with conventional saws. he uses this logic to back his claim and draw the reader’s interest/concern.

Industry Defends Table Saw Safety

5A. In the article, an injured table saw user Frank oslick states, “I have not lived a single day without regretting that accident,” he wrote. “If your device prevents even one person from going through what I have gone through it is a world class accomplishment.”

5B. The author of this article provides a real life example of what happens when safety saw features aren’t implemented. The feedback from the guy who got injured provides insight into what happens when safety is neglected by the companies.

5C. This is more a proposal claim from the guy who got injured using a table saw.

5D. The guy represents the injured and states that because of his injury he has made a difference. His logic is that if he didn’t get hurt someone else would have as no one would have brought light to his situation if it did not happen.

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