Visual Rewrite – theintern

0:00- Looks like this scene is taken place in today’s time because we can still see that people go to appointments. In this scene we see a woman and a man are in an office in a building. We can tell they are in a building because we can see the body of trees because only the first floor would be able to see the tree trunks which means the office must be on a higher floor level. The office is like an ordinary office theres cubes in the center with executive offices surrounding them. In the office there windows sills to look outside and the lobby where the cubes are located. The man is a white older man who is wears glasses and seems like he is one of the executives because only people higher in position get to make the decisions of a company. He seems to be comfortable not only because he is an executive but because he is also in his office. It looks like he is beginning shake hands with a black woman, he wears a nice light charcoal suit with a baby blue buttoned down dress shirt, meaning that he is dressing business casual. His office has a plant inside with a desk that has a paperweight and pencil holders and some sort of certificate hanging from the wall. The black woman is there to discuss a proposal or just to have a meeting with the man she is reaching out to shake his hand. She wears a black suit with a black appropriate skirt and her hair is braided and tied up; she must’ve had to do that to look more professional because having her hair in a different manner would give off a bad first impression. Later the man asks her to sit with is hand gesturing. There is a man outside of the executive office in one of the cubes holding a phone to his ear perhaps talking to a client while looking at his desktop but he is blurred out. There seems to be another cube in front of him but we can not see who is there.

0:01- They are both sitting and the camera is angled from the woman’s right shoulder and faced to the man. The man looks amazed but also having a curious look on his face. The man looks like early or mid fifties with his lips puckered up a bit. His hair is receding a bit where it looks like he has a bigger forehead. His eyes are green.

0:02- The camera is again outside the office and near the cubes now we can see the woman better she wears a light orange buttoned down dress shirt and by the looks of her face it looks like she is waiting to answer a question from the man who is looking at her with is hands up and crossed in front of him near his face. The man seems like he is getting a better observation of her and at the same time asking her a few questions. As the meeting is going on everyone outside his office are working the man with the phone is still there but there is one man walking by the office almost blocking the man, he is also blurred out a bit. As the second keeps going he is talking to her.

0:03-  Now the camera is angled on the man’s left shoulder facing the woman’s face. She looks puzzled but at the same time it looks like she is about to answer the man. The woman’s eyes are brown, she has a young face seems like she just got out of college.

0:04- She just answered a question she had for the man with a smile on her face. She is now waiting for his answer and hopes the answer she gave was good enough.

0:05- The camera switched back to where the cubes are located and is looking through the window sills of the executive office.

0:06-0:08 – The camera is up in her face, we can see her mouth open ready to speak with her eyes looking very concerned. Now I see that on her left her she has an earring.

0:09- Now the camera is angled on her shoulder facing him, he is looking down either at her resume, desk, or a gesture of disappointment who knows. His face has changed a bit, now he has a more serious face and left wondering from her answer.

0:10- He is now beginning to talk while leaning back in his chair but still looking downward with no eye contact. We can tell a person if they seem confident and comfortable he/she is definitely in high rank of position because not just any employee can just lean but in a chair all day long.

0:11- He has a serious look on his face once he asks her a question but his face is more rude than serious like there is something bothering him.

0:12-0:16- The camera turns from him quickly to her from his left shoulder to her face and she begins to answer to him but her face expression is sharp, confident she knows what she wants.

0:17- Quickly turned for a close up on the man who listened very closely to her answer but is now thinking of a question to ask her again.

0:18-0:20- The camera faces the man and he looks her straight in the eyes and is slightly smiling but questioning whether to hire her or look for someone else to do the job he wants to be fulfilled and then gives his final thoughts.

0:21- The camera is right outside the window sill looking at her. She looks like she is about to get up. The office has more detail he has a dial up phone on his desk. Near the the widows to look outside he has a shelve with books lined up together.

0:22- The woman stands up and reaches out to shake the man’s hand which is usually the conclusion of any meeting.

0:23- The camera is near the widow sill to look into his office and you see the man holding out his hand to shake the woman’s hand but then we realize she is not there and there is no one in front of him just two empty chairs.

0:24-0:25 – The camera focuses on him with his puzzled and concerned face looking beyond his desk. It seems like he’s having a flashback to the time where he chose to hire her and is waiting for another recipient to be just like her.

0:26-0:27 – The camera is angled from his left shoulder and is looking facing his chair there is no one sitting in it, it’s empty and facing him as well.

0:28-0:30 – The commercial ends and you see the man faded and looking downwards with white words in the middle of the screen reading “GRADS of LIFE. org” and Ad council copyright on the screen to the bottom right.

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