Stone Money Rewrite–NewEditionLover

Money Is Powerful

P1. Does having money make you a better person socially or economically? As I listened to the story of the “Stone Money Of Yap ” from the planet money team I learned many new concepts in which I thought were very interesting. I spent a long time thinking where money goes and how people in the United States go about using it. How does money just disappear without anybody knowing where it went? I view money as a concept of life and without it you basically cant survive. Without money you cant do the things you want and live life without any worries. But in the end is money always there? Do we just work just to have the idea or thought of having money?

P2. If my mom goes to work just to pay bills and pays online she technically didn’t pay them the money from her pockets but from her debit or credit card. Now this has me thinking am I just another worthless person just thinking that money is gonna cause me happiness in the long run? Its kind of a scary thought but its something to think about.

P3. I’ve learned through the broadcast that dollar bills represent the idea of money and money is never currency as you get paid. They say this because most of the money simply doesn’t exist and money is technically created out of nothing. That idea had me confused because how doesn’t money exist? Without money no ones daily routine would ever be the same again. Money comes and goes but it is a very beautiful sight to have when the money hits your account after tremendous amounts of working. When you make a purchase its basically like your signing your rights over and that’s it. Having money to me means that I can be happy and flourish with life.

P4. Money does exist and it shows how much status and “stain” you have in your town or city. What does money mean to you? Money gives me a feeling that I’ve never felt before!

P5. In the article “The Island Of Stone Money” by Milton Friedman taught me a little more about wealth and supremacy. How can you and your family be known but not have anything to show for it? Is the idea of wealth a good thing generally speaking you basically have nothing but you just a known figure. To me money is very real. The bible claims that money is the route to all evil? But without money I wouldn’t have everything that I’ve ever wanted! Money has gotten me a car, food , shelter and all my worlds greatest necessities. To me money makes you who you are without the money your nobody and your just another broke person, with money you can have all the nice things in the world and have all the power in your hand . You can clearly look at someone and tell whether or not they have money.

P6. The source i gathered by Christopher S Penn article “The fictional nature of money” he describes life’s most precious values stating “without it , you don’t eat, you don’t have a place to live, no clothes to wear, unless it doesn’t involve money. Penn also stated  Money can be a tremendous amplifier of personal power. ” meaning you can basically break the rules and do what you want just because you have money.

Work Cited

Friedman, Milton. “The Island of Stone Money.” Diss. Hoover Institution, Stanford University , 1991.

“The Invention of Money.” 423: The Invention of Money. This Is American Life, WBEZ. Chicago . 7 Jan. 2011.

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2 thoughts on “Stone Money Rewrite–NewEditionLover”

  1. To start, NewEditionLover, your essay can’t pass in its present form since it doesn’t meet the minimum 1000 word count, by a lot. You’ll need to replace it with a tightly-constructed 1000-word essay to qualify for a passing grade. Adding words is easy. Adding ideas is more complicated. So let’s start by examining your paragraphs to see what ideas they contain. From there, we should be able to make a plan for enlarging, expanding, and improving your argument.

    I’ve numbered your paragraphs for easy reference.
    —Money disappears without a trace.
    —We need money to survive.
    —It helps us live life.
    —We don’t use cash to pay bills online.
    —I am shallow if I think money buys happiness.
    —Dollar bills, currency, are not money. They just represent money.
    —Money is created out of nothing, and doesn’t exist.
    —Still, we feel good when our account says we have money.
    —Buying things means we have less to spend.
    —Money buys me happiness.
    —Money does exist and confers status.
    —The only meaning of wealth is status.
    —But without money, I would have nothing.
    —Without it, I would be nothing.
    —Rich people look rich.
    —We need money to live.
    —Wealth is the power to break society’s rules.

    I have a very difficult time following this argument, NEL. Maybe you do too, now that the language is distilled down to its claims.

    I think you would benefit from reading some of your classmates’ work, NEL. The primary benefit of a class that operates on a blog is the availability of peer examples. I’ve selected one more or less at random that should give you an idea how an academic paper differs from the personal reflections you have collected in your work above. The question of whether money is useful, or confers status, or makes people evil, is not the subject of ANY of the source materials for this unit of study. To interact with them, to synthesize their ideas into something meaningful to add to the conversation, you’ll need to stick much closer to an examination of the abstract nature of currency. All the source materials investigate ways in which our faith in the economy to reward us for earning a living provide the only basis for the value of money.

    Your classmate TheAdmiral uses the same source materials you listened to and read to produce an investigation of his/her own into the nature of this “faith-based” system of keeping track of wealth:

    See if reading it helps you in any way, NewEditionLover. Reply either way, please. Then please feel free to put your essay, with revisions, back into the Feedback Please category for another round of feedback.

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  2. One more thing. Your posts are the only ones that are still categorized in the “123 I am so so so so sorry I keep forgetting to uncheck this default category” category. I mention this at the beginning of every class, so you’re either not hearing me or you’re not in class at the beginning of every class. Please click that category in the sidebar, open your posts, and uncheck that category. Thanks.


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