Critical Reading

Section 6

“She mirrors…she just mirrors” her dad’s behavior, Brannan says. She can’t get Katie to stop picking at the sores on her legs, sores she digs into her own skin with anxious little fingers. She is not, according to Brannan, “a normal, carefree six-year-old.”

-it is a interesting thing to see their kids copy their Parents PTSD actions.Especially at such a young age they will pick up anything.

Different studies of the children of American World War II, Korea, and Vietnam vets with PTSD have turned up different results: “45 percent” of kids in one small study “reported significant PTSD signs”

-Kids who parents show up with PTSD 45% of them appear to have the same signs as their parents.

-I believe that kids show more signs than their parents because of their young ages they will pick it up faster and it will be apart of their personalty for a good part of their lives.

But then in 2003, a team of Dutch and Israeli researchers meta-analyzed 31 of the papers on Holocaust survivors’ families, and concluded—to the fury of some clinicians—that when more rigorous controls were applied, there was no evidence for the intergenerational transmission of trauma

-When there is a more controlled environment the chances of trauma is less.

Holocaust survivors “had more resources and networks, wider family members and community to support them to adapt to their new circumstances after a war.” They were not, in other words, expected to man up and get over it. 

– I don’t believe that the reason why the  Holocaust survivors trauma rates were lower because they had more resources to help aid them.

-I think that they had were just in a different environment then the solider coming back from the war.

-An their kids didn’t have any signs because they would just want to forget about their time there. An would just hide there trauma from them.

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