E03 Critical Reading – Killroy513

Section 2

Killroy, you were assigned Section 7, several times, aloud, in class, MON SEP 25.

“Now, he’s rounder, heavier, bearded, and long-haired,”

Claim- He different in his original appearance.

-Many Veterans after service do not abide by AR670-1 physical appears codes. They go back to civilian life. A veteran can be anyone around you and you would not even be able to tell.

“obviously tough even if he weren’t prone to wearing a COMBAT INFANTRYMAN cap, but still not the guy you picture when you see his “Disabled Veteran” license plates.

Claim: Caleb is still as strong as he was but has changed.

-Many veterans take pride in serving in the military. Most wear hats displaying their unit, branch or time of service. The hat depicted in the reading is one that displays that the man saw combat as an infantryman. 11B MOS’s are rifleman that are in the heat of combat a good portion of the time. They are the infantry. Many things can be seen serving in the military and they are exposed to most of it. Even though someone isnt physically wounded, the thoughts of what was seen can mentally scare you for the rest of your life. This is basically what PTSD is.

“Not the old ‘Nam guy with a limp, or maybe the young legless Iraq survivor, that you’d expect.”

Claim: Not the typical disabled veteran.

-Many soldiers from the Vietnam war returned disabled, some physically and some mentally. Being in the heat of combat is different for everyone. It effects people in different ways. You could be physically wounded or mentally wounded. These wounds never truly seem to heal because the scares are left as a reminder.


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