E03: Critical Reading — 11collegegirl

Section 3


  1. “Even doctors can’t say for sure exactly why he has flashbacks…”
  • Even indicates that they are comparing what they researched and could not find out to what doctors still are unable to find out about Caleb’s injuries.
  • Doctors- doctors is plural in this sentence, which means that he has been seen by more than one.
  • this claim reveals that Caleb has took it as far as seeing doctors to maybe get some type of answers regarding his injuring and they still cannot give him a positively correct diagnosis to his injuries because they just are not completely sure.

2. “Sometimes he starts yelling, and often he doesn’t remember anything about it later.”

  • Sometimes- adverb used to indicate an event or something that happens only occasionally.
  • Often- adverb as well, used to indicate an event or something that happens more frequently.
  • this claim is made to show how often or occasionally Caleb’s injuries affect his life on a daily and how sometimes because of his injuries, he cannot reconcile for them afterwards.

3. “They don’t know why some other guys in his unit who did and saw the same stuff that Caleb saw are fine but Caleb is so sensitive…”

  • They- from the word they, we can assume that the author is talking about more than one person and at least two people
  • the word “they” is referring back to the doctors who have tried to diagnose Caleb
  • the author is making a comparison between Caleb and the guys who were also in his unit
  • this claim reveals that the author is curious as to why the War affected Caleb but not others even though they saw and heard the same things.

4. “Whatever is happening to Caleb, it’s as old as war itself.”

  • this claim reveals that the author is comparing what Caleb is going through with his injuries to war
  • Old- in this case, the word “old” meaning that they are getting tired of something
  • the claim also reveals that they are getting tired of Caleb’s injuries, how long they have lasted and how no one can come up with a solution as to what is wrong with him

5. “Civil War doctors, who couldn’t think of any other thing that might be unpleasant about fighting the Civil War but homesickness, diagnosed thousands with “nostalgia”.”

  • doctors- is plural, which indicates that there was more than one doctors who could not think of any other diagnosis
  • the word unpleasant in this case means something that caused discomfort to the people in the service
  • nostalgia- another word for homesick
  • this claim reveals that the doctors were not only un educated regarding what may happen to soldiers in war, but unaware of the symptoms they may have due to the experiences they may go through

6. “But whatever people have called it, they haven’t been like to gasp or respect it.”

  • They, can either be related to the other war survivors with PTSD or the other doctors
  • this claim seems to reveal that people who deal with PTSD, have not been able to relate or understand what they are going through.
  • this claim reveals the authors personal opinion about people with PTSD

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