Critical Reading – Yoshi

Section 21

  1. I can feel him slipping down—it’s like this…vortex, this hole. And I try to grab him, like, ‘No! Don’t go down there!’ He can still get really depressed.
  • I can feel him slipping down: Charlen knows when Steve  is about to enter one of his flashbacks and depressed stages.
  • Vortex: Charlen is talking about Steve and how she knows when he is falling into mass of whirling fluid
  • ‘Don’t go down there’: Charlen tries to pull him out of the depressed state he is going to enter.
  • Depressed: Steve enters a state where he feels helpless. Categorical.
  1. Charlene has long, graying dark hair parted down the middle and super-serious eyes, which she has to lower to compose herself for a minute when I ask her, alone, if she saved Steve’s life. “He loves me a lot,” she answers. “I’ve never known love like this. He is…awesome.”
  • Super-serious eyes: She is probably very concerned with Steve and everything he does.
  • if she saved Steve’s life: Charlen saved steven from depression because of his PTSD?
  • “He loves me a lot,”: She he loves her alot because she saved his life and helped him throughout the years of their marriage
  • I’ve never known love like this: He loves her more than she’ll ever feel because she saved him.
  1. “She saved my life,” Steve says of Charlene, without my asking.
  • -Casual claim because of his PTSD his wife saved his life
  • -Steve suffers from PTSD
  • – He would’ve fell into depression without his wife.
  • – He didn’t ask she willing put up with it
  1.  VA rated Steve at 100 percent PTSD disabled, but he’s found his way to his version of a joyful life
  • 100 percent PTSD disabled: Definition claim saying Steve is 100% PTSD disabled
  • Found his way: Steve has found another way to do life
  • joyful life: Steve lives life another way so he enjoys it
  1. In the Vines’ household in Alabama, at any unpredictable time of night, the nightmare starts in Iraq.
  • -Nightmares: Categorical claim
  • – The nightmares Steven has because of his PTSD
  • – any unpredictable time of night: PTSD occurs randomly
  1. Someone’s yelling for the medic and an indiscernible string of noises seeps out of Caleb’s mouth while he’s dying.
  • Categorical claim: flashbacks are a part of PTSD
  • Indiscernible string of noises: the noise someone makes when they’re in pain
  • He’s dying: PTSD is bringing flashbacks of his friends dying.
  1. she wakes up, shaky, the next morning. “Still don’t get how I can so vividly dream of somewhere I’ve never actually been.”
  • Brennan caught PTSD
  • Brennan has never went to war so we assume PTSD is contagious
  • She wakes up shaky: because she had such a vivid dream about Iraq


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