Purposeful Summaries -New Edition Lover

  1. “Anne Frank Novelist ” It seems counter-intuitive , where everyone knows the story of Anne Frank from Amsterdam where she impressively wrote direct accounts in her personal diary which gave us a insight on her young life as the holocaust ended the life of her and many other Jews. The maturity and growth Anne showed in the diary showed how mature sh was at such a young age going through the worst time of her life. The legacy of Anne Frank will continue to live on and her story will always be told.
  2.   “Men Defining Rape : A History” It seems counter-intuitive that men are defining what rape is. Rape has been written in many different way and forms since the begging of times,which rape to me is the assault on rape or even men where you force them to have sexual intercourse. Its also counter intuitive that January of 2012 is when the FBI updated its definition of forcible rape ,which one cant consent or have no physical capacity due to drugs, alcohol or age.
  3. “Do Tom Shoes Really Help People?” It seems -counter intuitive but could be true that Toms may not help people. Founded in 2006 which goes with the line “buy one give one” which donates to all kids around the world in need. But which also may seem counter intuitive is that a piece by Sarika Bansal which she went and met one of their partners from Ethopia where they give shoes to those who already have shoes which is not the idea of it at all. The idea that Toms are not really helping people but in reality competing for sales prices. Toms are very limited from their website and the message they are achieving is not clear due to global issues around the world.

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