Visual Rhetoric Rewrite-LifeisSublime

The video I have decided to analyze is a 35 second video called Saved by the Scan.

0:00- The image is of  woman who is climbing a mountain. It seems to be cold where she is because she is wearing a jacket and boots from this point of view. The mountain has grass and dirty but the color is almost gray, giving off that cold feeling. The woman is alone, climbing this mountain with no safety precautions at all. In the background are more mountains.

0:01- In the first second she is moving up the mountain. Seeming to struggle slightly. There is fog around her. Not much as changed.

0:02- In this time the video is zoomed in on the woman, but her face is blocked by her arm, leaving room for interpretation on her emotional state. She is looking down, at her footing I assume. Her jacket isn’t really a winter coat but a light jean jacket. She has bracelets on her arm and her hair is red.

0:03- The woman is now looking up. She seems to be looking at where ever it is she is climbing towards. Her facial expression is hard to read. The way I’m taking her facial expression is she is tired of the climb.

0:04- The perceptive of the camera changes and now we are looking at the woman from down the mountain. She is not climbing on grass and dirt, but on a mountain of cigarettes. The fog is now clearly smoke. The woman is still struggling up the hill.

0:05- The woman is still climbing the cigarette filled mountain side. She looks up a little bit but we can not see her whole face just yet.

0:06- In this second, the camera zooms in on her hand (or many her foot) that is pushing through all these cigarette. The odd thing is that most of these cigarettes are full cigarettes, not all just cigarette butts. She is pushing through them.

0:07- In this second I find out that is was her foot in the previous second. The pile of cigarettes that she stepped on falls down the mountain as she continues to climb.

0:08- The mountain is now getting steeper. The cigarettes are falling all around her and it seems hard to keep her footing. Smoke is still rising from the mountain, as she tries to hold on and push her way up.

0:09- In this second the woman puts her foot up on a ledge on the mountain in order to go up.

0:10-  The camera focuses on her hand now as she digs it into the side of the cigarette mountain. The cigarettes are sticking out of dirty.

0:11- In this second we can see the other arm/hand planting into the side of the mountain in the background of the first. Moving up.

0:12- The camera is now on her face again. She seems tired and looks as though she is working very hard to get to the top of this mountain.

0:13- This second is almost the same as the last, expect the woman has turned her head to look more at what is in front of her rather than what is up head. I would assume she is looking where to put her hand this time.

0:14- The camera shifts again, and now we are looking at the woman from underneath her. We can see the direction in which she is climbing in, but not a destination. The mountain seems even more steep as last time.

0:15- This second is similar to the last. The woman has moved her leg up to keep climbing.

0:16- In this second the woman is now at the top of the mountain. She slowly is standing up to make the last couple of steps up the mountain. There is nothing at the top.

0:17-  This second is the same as the last. The woman making her final step to reach the very top of the mountain made of cigarettes.

0:18- Now the camera is zoomed in on her face. She seems to realize she is at the top but doesn’t have an expression showing if she is happy or sad. Again she looks tired. In the upper left corner there is a box of text that reads “You stopped smoking”.

0:19- The woman looks more over to her right, as if looking at the view. The text extends to now read in full, “You stopped smoking now start screening”. The woman seems to be content.

0:20- In this second she blinked and started to form a smile. The smile is not all the way there yet, but it looks like a smile one would make after they have accomplished something stressful.

0:21- She now smiles and looks directly at the camera as is starts to zoom out. She is standing on the center on the top of the mountain. Throughout the while video no grass was visible, expect for now it seems as though she is standing on some.

0:22- The camera continues to zoom out as the woman continues to smile. Standing tall.

0:23- The camera is still zooming out, showing the mountain a little bit more. The woman is still smiling.

0:24- Again, still zooming out, while she continues to stand on the top of this mountain smiling.

0:25- The image on the screen changes and is now what I think is a MRI machine or a Catscan machine. Words appear above it saying, “Talk to your doctor of learn more at”. In this second the other part of information is not visible yet.

0:26- The website at which to learn more at appears, On the bottom of the image are organizations affiliated with this movement: the American Lung Association, Lung Force, and of course Ad Council.

0:27- This information stays the image for this second.

0:28- The same information is on the screen, but now it seems as though the camera is moving closer to the machine being shown.

0:29: The camera is moving closer to the machine, with the same information as before.

0:30-The video ends, advertising another video about how this one was made.



2 thoughts on “Visual Rhetoric Rewrite-LifeisSublime”

  1. I discovered that a link to a YouTube video will automatically convert to a video frame inside your post if placed into the post AS TEXT, but that anchoring it to text as you did converts it to a hyperlink that needs to be clicked. I un-anchored the url and the result is the video screen at the bottom of your post.


  2. Sublime, I haven’t watched the video or read your post yet; I’ve only read your first entries (0:00 and 0:01) and watched the first one second of video.

    I think there is more to say about the first second. Keep in mind your reader should be able to visualize the entire scene from your description alone.
    —The woman is young and fit
    —She doesn’t appear to have made any preparations for this climb
    —I’m not sure she is wearing boots and she certainly is not wearing gloves
    —She’s in tight jeans and maybe a denim jacket, not what a serious climber would be wearing
    —This is no casual climb; the angle of ascent is at least 45 degrees, maybe more
    —If she makes a misstep, she will certainly plummet all the way to the bottom
    —But she’s not hurrying (as if being pursued)
    —She’s taking time to carefully reach up to a handhold
    —She shifts her weight quickly, as if the footing might be loose and uncertain
    —I’m using a large monitor, so I can see the terrain
    —The ground is very strange, like a pile up pickup sticks
    —Fog would settle to the lowest point, but this fog is rising even in the first second
    —It also seems to be distributed in patches at all levels
    —Whatever this is, it isn’t a scene of an outdoorswoman pursuing her sport
    —She’s dressed for daily activities not climbing

    I think we can conclude that this is a dream or a metaphor. It does not represent reality. She’s climbing for the top but not for sport, is out of her element, did not intend to be doing this today.

    Do any of those observations resonate with you? I don’t want to test them by watching the video until you’re ready for me to offer more thorough feedback and advice.

    We can do this as many times as you like, Sublime, right up to the deadline.
    Helpful? Too much? I’d love to know either way.


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