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What is money, anyway? When I was younger I though money brought happiness. I also though money ruled the world. When someone would ask me where did I see myself in 10 years I would say “I hope to have a stable career so I can make a lot of money.” I use to compare money to success. As maturity set in I learned that money is not everything, we do not need money to be happy. I learned that happiness comes from within and that money is only a number.

If we all had the same amount of money the world would be a lot different. Money is what causes different social status in our country. For example some different social status are lower class, middle class and upper class.  Money can make people do evil things at times, money is a great tool for helping other but is nit needed at all times. If money could be controlled by the government America would be a calmer and stress free country. Many Americans work hard day to day but money is never currency as we get paid. Money has no actual value.

We can think of money as a spinning circle, circling from one person hand to the next. Discussed in NRP broadcast 423 The Invention of Money they question if “America really knows how much money is out there in dollars” and how could we ever find out the total amount each person owns. Back to my second paragraph if we all had an equal amount of money this would not be a topic to discus. I think America should money is not paying enough attentions to the amount of money that is out there.

The broadcast relates the Limestone wheel of the Yap community and the American dollar to having no physical value but having a value in faith. Another comparison is that a person does not have to physically have the stone in front of them but other automatically know they stone belongs to that person and they are wealthy. As in America I can relate this to famous people. Celebrities are know to have money with having to ask no questions. Money is what makes people who they are today which can be a good or negative result. My views on money have changed tremendously, they article “The Island of Stone Money” by Friedman Milton opened my eyes to the situations in France and Brazil that I knew anything about the text was very informational.

In the source I gather it states that the dollar bill has no real value other than iconic heros faces on them. The author explains that “money generally took the form of coins composed of precious metals such as gold and silver.” Which compares to the The Island of Stone Money article.

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  1. PDQ, we have some work to do. Of course, by that I mean you have some work to do first. But I promise once you’ve done your part I’ll be right there with you to pull my share.

    In your responses to the Preview Survey from the first week of class, you made it clear you’re not a big fan of writing or writing classes. I appreciate that and acknowledge that you might not love this one either. But I’ll try to make clear to you what you need to succeed in this one and support you throughout with your cooperation. I can’t really begin to help you shape your essay in this assignment until you make it more substantive and more responsive to the material we’re using as our sources.

    The bulk of your essay so far is made up of personal reflections on personal values, social status, equality, the connection between wealth and celebrity. In this more academic essay, you’re asked to interact with the material substance of several sources, analyze them, respond to the claims they make, synthesize their content with your own experience, shape a new persuasive argument.

    I’ve spent a couple of days writing feedback to your classmates on their Stone Money essays, and you need to read what we’ve been up to before you attempt a Rewrite of your own. A few minutes with their drafts and with the feedback they’ve received will help you understand the level of interaction with the material the assignment requires. Here are the links to the essays that will do you the most good:


    Next, you’re going to have to hit your Word Count. I love brevity, but the goal is to write 1000 words AND BE BRIEF, by which I mean, make the best use of 1000 words by filling it with observations, arguments, and evidence. An essay of this current length could never pass the requirements.

    Get a good sense from reading your classmates’ work, PDQ, of the level of responsiveness to the subject matter this assignment requires.

    Finally, although the deadline is looming and might make you nervous, there is plenty of time to succeed on your Stone Money Rewrite. Post the best version you can by midnight, but recognize that’s not final. You are encouraged to continue to revise at any time, before and after the deadline, before and after grading.

    Good luck, PDQ. And thank you for asking for feedback. We can continue our conversation anywhere you feel comfortable, over email, in conferences, with texts, by phone. Don’t hesitate to reach back.


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