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Foreign Affairs, Last concern for the United States?

Many people believe in lending a helping hand, until their lives are threatened. In today’s society many countries are getting involved with foreign affairs not realizing what negative outcomes may result. The US, as well as a few other countries, are well known for lending help that offer economic stability. But on the other side there are many enemies facing a problem as well, the help of foreign affairs. Which leaves us asking should the U.S get involved in, when it chances the a  American lives. When we see a friend struggle we feel bad and wish we could help and in fact may even help. But when countries see Syria struggle, such as the US they would like to offer help. But when we see terrorist involved it leaves us thinking should we help or stick out? An outcome of intervening may cause  an attack on our own nation. In today’s world many 3rd world countries as well as powerhouse countries fear terrorism. Many countries ask why these threats are happening, but when we look at it many of these attacks happen due to getting involved with foreign affairs.

The threats of terrorism is paralyzing to us. Because of past attacks, we fear of going to sporting events and other large social gatherings. A few examples of recent terrorist attacks that occurred, would be the Boston marathon and the bombing in the Germany vs France soccer game before the European Cup. The attack in France resulted in an unbelievable amount of security on all areas of France. These terroristic threats occurring in todays society causes major problems for the world. The people fear from experiencing some of the most entertaining events the world has to offer. By terrorists creating fear in the people, it helps terroristic groups achieve there ultimate goal, which is to cause chaos and fear.

The people of The US, have mostly agreed that the number one problem that we face in the US is terrorism, according to Rebecca Riffkin, in her article “Americans Name Terrorism as No. 1 U.S. Problem”.  Riffkin claims about one in every six americans feel terrorism is the biggest problem going on in the world. From these results terrorism should then be the first things we solve in America, rather than worrying about others issues. If the people agree on a problem, the government should react to the problem first before the issue increases to a bigger deal.

Terrorism is an on occurring problem in Syria. ISIS who is one of the most popular terroristic groups has been getting involved with Syria and creating chaos. Syrians fearing for there lives are deporting Syria and trying to make there way into other countries that are willing to accept them, which is creating more problems for countries letting in these refugees. ISIS is not a fan of the Syrians leaving, because if these Syrians leave and they are fleeing the country, Isis will have no one to terrorism which defeats the whole idea of terrorizing these people. By The US allowing these people to come into our country causes many problems for us, for which we do not know who they are or what types of ethics they believe in. The U.S could have many benefits by having Syrians stay in Syria in terms of defeating ISIS. By having Syrians stay in Syria it allow ISIS to be all in one area of the world rather than in all different countries, which will allow the counter terrorism programs to intervene and defeat ISIS easily.

First off by the U.S getting involved with ISIS will feel threatened by the U.S and will cause ISIS to do an unethical response such as another attack in fear of retaliation. The people of America feel unsafe already with terrorism, due to recent events that have occurred all over the world so, why should the government go looking out for more problems? The U.S should be fixing the problem and exterminating terrorism here in there own country first. Once the U.S do so, they can begin to offer help to other countries. By the U.S getting involved with these issues in Syria it results in the U.S national security to get into self defense mood. Which will result in more fear for the american people which is not something the people would look forward too.

Many problems occur with letting in these Syrian refugees in, such as we don’t truly know who is coming into the U.S. Many of these refugees are coming in with past crimes such as rape and murder. Now we are letting these Syrians in with who will continue with these lifestyles. By letting these Syrians in with these types of lifestyles they will inflict harm on our own people, because the government didn’t know who they were truly letting in. Another problem that occurs with these refugees is some of these Syrian refugees have forged papers and are really with ISIS which is a giant problem within itself, know we are letting in these people who we are trying to take out and defeat the U.S. Many believe that our government should have great knowledge of the refugees who are coming into the country, and if the government cant confirm who these refugees are then don’t let them in, that is how you create safety and hope for the people. By letting these Syrians into the U.S it is causing more problems rather than solving one. By just closing off the borders of American we are one step closer to defeating ISIS and are taking the fear out of the people. 

The best bet for the US to offer a great chance in safety for the people would be to let other countries take action on the problems that are occurring in Syria, and to just have the US worry about themselves. Even though other people and countries believe to stop terrorism the U.S should go attack ISIS head on, that would cause more problems rather then good. The US has many issues to deal with between its own countries and there problems, to go on and worry about how another country is doing. If it is such a big concern to the world why hasn’t anyone else stepped in and intervene?   

The U.S is acknowledged the top powerhouse in the world and a country that has the highest say in the United Nations, which has the likes of France, Britain, Russia, and a few other countries in the organization. But with that role that the U.S has they feel the need to always try to get involved and share their beliefs with the world.

The US is seen as a powerhouse nation with one of the strongest military power out there in the eyes of the people. But while having so much power can be beneficial in today’s world, it may cause more problems rather than good. Whenever a problem occurs, people believe the U.S should intervene since they have such a strong military and have been known for changing the tides in battle. People believe the U.S should intervene, go win the battle in Syrian and get out. But the people don’t realize there are many more problems that the U.S face when it comes to getting involved with foreign affairs. The United Nations was created for these types of problems, which is a reason why the U.S should stand back and let this organization do there job.

The United Nations was created to prevent wars and to intervene when necessary and to prevent any harm on countries. This organization was made after the world war to prevent wars. But other countries like Russia and China have different plans for how to settle the problem with Syria, that many other countries do not believe in. While other countries realize the problems that are going on in Syria and realize they have no need to be involved. President Obama felt upset that France and Britain are making no attempt to get involved. But understanding where France is coming from many wouldn’t want to be involved either after the attacks they received at Paris and bombing that occurred as well. The US as well has dealt with a lot of problems with terrorism speaking 9/11 and the bombing in Boston just occurred in these past years. Other countries such as France realize there is no need to get involved, the U.S should think about recent events before making there next move on Syria.

A major concern for bringing soldiers to another country to defend foreign people, as a country we shouldn’t be sending our own men to a place where they risk their lives in order to protect other countries citizens,  due to foreign countries having weak military strength.  Lt. Gen. Clarence E. McKnight, Jr believes a way to defend the Syrians is to send men in and risk their lives .“Only an overwhelming land force can impose order and peace on that tortured piece of real estate. We would lose people as would our allies, but the alternative is to simply stand idly by while this tragedy unfolds.” As he describes so in the article “The U.S. Should Intervene in Syria in a Big Way” I completely disagree with this statement, by sending in soldiers we risk there lives and create more chaos. As Lt. Gen. Clarence E. McKnight, Jr goes on to say “I don’t mean more bombing, more pathetic efforts at diplomacy and heaven forbid any more red lines.” to me bombing would be more of a reasonable idea rather then sending soldiers in. No matter what ISIS will feel threatened and strike back, they have shown that throughout the years and that they will not be hiding back and laying low. They will strike back to the ones who intervene with their battles. Either way by getting involved the U.S will cause problems so if that’s the case, blow off a few bombs take your men out and see how they react because either we sending our men into a death mission would bring back terror to our country. Due to the safety of our people and concern for there well being is why we shouldn’t even get involved, no good come out of getting involved. If the world saw this as a major problem others would be getting involved, but as you can see France and England are backing out because they got more problems to deal within there own country.

U.S has admitted to already attempting to bomb Syria even though they said the bombing was a failure. Many men working in the government believed that this bombing had helped ISIS rather than destroying them. In the article “U.S admits it Bombed Syrian Troops.” by Nancy Youssef, Youssef goes on to talk about,  “as the strikes intended, the coalition may instead been a boon for the terror group.” Now by U.S doing such an awful attack in bombing ISIS, not only did they set up a possible chance for a counter attack by ISIS they also made ISIS feel stronger. By doing these actions and failing, the government has now risked the lives of Americans in beliefs that ISIS will conduct a counter attack on the U.S. The government should next time realize there are more important things in life then bombing, and worry about the major concerns in America

The U.S should realize that there are plenty of mistakes that led that resulted in problems throughout the world. A matter of fact is that some of these problems were easily avoidable, such as the problems that occurred in France with the fake citizenship and how that one mess up caused so much suffering for the people. As well as realizing our soldiers are very important to us and that some problems that are going on around the world aren’t worth the fight and that we should leave our people out of the problem.

The United States has been known for helping out foreign countries in a time of need, starting back to the first World War. But when it comes to war should we rethink the idea of helping out a country or to go in with no hesitations. For when doing so there maybe repercussions for our acts, the U.S should worry more towards the protection of there own people before strategizing a plan to save other countries people. A question our government should ask themselves about foreign affairs is, what US should get involved in and what they should leave up to the United Nations or other countries to intervene with?

The threats we receive from terrorist groups should be our government’s top concern. Countries around the world that are helping out the issue in Syria, and that are bringing in some of the people of refugees are being hit by terrorist attacks. The US has been involved with many problems due to terrorists throughout time, the people of the U.S fear that their lives may be at risk. If The US is aware of the risks they put on there own people should they still get involved or let others step in and give Syria help?

Elected president Donald Trump has implanted his ideas of Syrian refugees and decided to take our men out of Syria as well as close off the gates and banning  these Syrians from coming in. Already many other countries are getting involved with this crisis, and have a strong handle on the situation. By getting involved we open up the doors to much bigger problems such as dealing with Russia. Which Trump goes on to say in The New York Times, “We end up fighting Russia, fighting Syria.” Now by doing so not only are we letting in refugees that we clearly have no idea who we are, but also would be going to war with another country just because of our beliefs and ethics on society and how these Syrians should be treated.  All that has happened by getting involved with these Syrian refugees throughout the world should have convinced the government that the people of America need to be safe and let others intervene and stay out of this disaster.

Since 9/11 there has been a significant amount of refugees that the US has let in. An article By Russell Berman, called “an ISIS Terrorists Really Infiltrate The Syrian Refugee Program?” Berman asks the question such as can ISIS ruin the refugee problem and stop refugees from deporting,  “And within that population, three people have been arrested for activities related to terrorism. None of them were close to executing an attack inside the U.S., and two of the men were caught trying to leave the country to join terrorist groups overseas.” Even though those numbers do not seem like a big deal, we still have to look at it in a different perspective such as that if they were caught doing a terrorist acts there are many more of them out there who may not have been caught. As well as we don’t have a perfect government as does no one else which leads to question are there still other terroristic groups out there in the U.S who haven’t been caught, that are planning an attack on the nation? 

A giant problem with countries letting in refugees is that these refugees are coming in with have fake passports for allowing these Syrians into the countries, and trying to realize the difference between fake passports and real ones. After the bombing in Paris the French had found a the passports from one of the bombers, that France had no information of from this man ever being allowed into the country. “The fingerprint was not in the French database, the senator said, and therefore officials believe the man was among a group of refugees and migrants.” France could have prevented this tragic accident from happening. The U.S should learn from Frances mistakes and realize many people in France that got very hurt by this attack. The U.S should protect their people and do whatever it needs to ensure the safety of the people and one way to ensure that is by cutting off the borders to these refugees.

America lives by good ethics, they believe in the pursuit of happiness and want to share the joy all over the world. America lives for peace, and believes in helping a friend out when they are in a time of need. But also the U.S should think about themselves first and there people when a threat can occur. We as people understand that people are in time of need, but also as people we should be more concern about ourselves first and make sure that are safety and protection are in good hands. Which when getting involved with Syria’s people, many problems occur. Many countries all over the world are willing to lend a helping hand and feel that they can make a difference. But the U.S has been dealing with terroristic attacks for years now and they should realize that they should just mind their own business for the safety of the nation as well as the safety of their own citizens.

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