Yaozong Ma. “Apple’s Conundrum: The Immutability of Liberty vs. Security.” International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Review | IJHSSR. 8 Oct 2016. Web. 8 Nov 2016. < >.

Background: This article talks about the scenario that was conducted when Federal Government wanted to access information on IPhone but they needed Apple support to override the security. However, Apple maintains to hold their stance of not exposing information to public because it would be a violation of privacy.

How I use it: I used this information to approach as my stance of how the government can be corrupt. Also, gives me factual support to make my reasoning stronger.

Craig Timberg and Greg Miller. “FBI blasts Apple, Google for locking police out of phones.” Columbia Public Schools / Home. 25 Sep . Web. 8 Nov 2016. <

Background: This article states that how other companies are creating forms of smartphone encryption to secure from law enforcements. Apple and Google have already started to conduct this form on their latest smartphones. Apple and other companies want users to be safe and keep their privacy than taken away by the law.

How I use it: This is a very good article I would say because it’s not just Apple facing this problem it other cellular phone services are now being expose too.

Felix Wu. “Law and Technology No Easy Answers in the Fight Over iPhone Decryption .” Sep 2016. Web. 10 Nov 2016. <;.

Background: Thoroughly explaining how the FBI took this event to trial. We can see how the FBI is desperate and they need legal matters to accommodate them. The FBI has forgotten that it unconstitutional of invading someone privacy. Apple is countering them with this stance.

How I use it: I used this article in my essay of how Apple reasoning was valid on how the exposure of privacy is unconstitutional.

Rebecca Knight. “National Security or Consumer Privacy? A Question Even Siri Couldn’t Answer.” University of Cincinnati College of Law Scholarship and Publications | University of Cincinnati College of Law Research. Sep 2016. Web. 10 Nov 2016. <;.

Background: Rebecca Knight manufactured a proposition on her stance; she speaks of how the government is corrupt in her essay.

How I use it: I used her proposition as example of how she manages to bring attention to the readers. I looked for the similarities and differences to our points.

Bohyun Kim. “Cybersecurity and digital surveillance versus usability and privacy .” College & Research Libraries News . 2016. Web. 12 Nov 2016. <;.

Background: The article opens with the debates of Cyber security vs problem. One of the debates is Cybersecurity vs Privacy. The debate talks about how the people use technology every day is being monitored twenty-four seven. And gradually questions readers about if privacy actually exists or not.

How I use it: It makes my Casual Argument stronger because the claims that were given.

Staff, Digital Trends. “Apple vs. The FBI: A complete timeline of the war over tech encryption.” Digital Trends. Digital Trends, 3 Apr. 2016. Web. 5 Nov. 2016.


This article helps me understand the case better. There is a list the events that occurred during that time frame.

How I use it: I used this to explain the case more specifically because some other articles were more direct. Hidden information may be lost with other website; however this one was detail in my opinion.

Nakashima, Ellen. “FBI Paid Professional Hackers One-Time Fee to Crack San Bernardino IPhone.” Washington Post. Washington Post, 12 Apr. 2016. Web. 10 Nov. 2016.

Background: The article is about of how FBI hired professional hackers to hack IPhone.

How I use it: This provides me try incorporate in my essay of how the FBI is desperate and wants justice.

Stavridis, Admiral Jim. “Apple Vs. FBI Is Not about Privacy Vs. Security — It’s about How to Achieve Both.” Huffington Post. The Huffington Post, 8 Mar. 2016. Web. 15 Nov. 2016.

Background: Talks about how Privacy and Security and be form together.

How I use it: This information I could talk about but its bias information and I can not use it to my advantage.

Hollister, Sean, et al. How an iPhone became the FBI’s public enemy no. 1 (FAQ). CNET, 20 Feb. 2016. Web. 15 Nov. 2016.

Background: Apple has an enemy which the FBI. Certain cases like this FBI will try to attack Apple because there are so many consumers use IPhone.

How I use it: It will be incorporate in my casual argument and explain with further detail.

Modhy, Karrishma. “Apple Vs FBI: Here’s Why Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Others Side with Tim Cook – Tech2.” News & Analysis. TechFirstpost, 2 Mar. 2016. Web. 20 Nov. 2016.

Background: Shows support from other companies in Tim Cook vs FBI. Tim cook is not alone there is team backing him up.

How I use it: To use information that Apple is not alone, third parties rising to this case.

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