Bibliography – smokesdabear

  1. Befon. “Cloud9 CSGO: Tips for New Players & Becoming Pro.” YouTube. YouTube, 04 Aug. 2015. Web. 07 Dec. 2016. Background: Video interview with the professional CSGO team Cloud 9. In this interview they discuss the topic of newcomers coming into the world of eSports and if there is to be a chance for success for those people.How I used it: I used this video to help explain the amount of time and effort is needed to pusue a professional career in eSports. Also to help explain the skills needed to become a top playe.
  2. Casselman, Ben. “Resistance Is Futile: ESports Is the Future.” N.p., 22 May 2015. Web. 07 Dec. 2016.

Background: This article provides the statistical viewership data of eSport championship events and nationally televised sports championship events. Also the number and types of sponsors backing eSports organisations.

How I used it: by listing the viewership numbers for eSport events it allowed me to better understand the poularity competitive gaming events have compared to other traditional sports. Therefore proving my point of its exponential growth in the industry.

3. HBOsports. “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: ESports Discussion (HBO Sports).” YouTube. YouTube, 13 Dec. 2013. Web. 07 Dec. 2016.

Background: This was an episode of a sports documentary series. On this episode they presented the new phenomenon that is eSports and how big it was becoming at the time.

How I used it: I used this documentary to give an example of the mindset of some older demographics when first learning about eSports and how the media has created this false image that society has taken as truth.

4. “National League of Baseball Is Founded.” A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 07 Dec. 2016.

Background: This article specifically gives information on the first crreted sports league in America which was baseball, becoming established in 1876.

How I used it: I used this article to help better explain and understand how sports become professionally played sports. With the start of a professional league these games such as baseball and football were turned into brands.

5. NewzooHQ. “ESports Reaches Tipping Point as Media Brands Scramble to Get Involved.” Newzoo. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Dec. 2016.

background: This article contains the percentages of people who watch eSports and also view big name T.V channels such as CNN or ESPN.

How I used it: This helped prove my point that there is not a specific stereotype for people who enjoy watching or playing competitive games. Instead it showed the great diversity of people within the eSport community.

6. Peckham, Matt. “Why ESPN Is So Serious About Covering Esports.” Time. Time, 1 Mar. 2016. Web. 07 Dec. 2016.

Background: ESPN website head gets interviewed on the reasoning behind their push for more eSport coverage on their platforms.

How I used it: I used to learn about how they are covering eSports on their platforms. And to see how much success has come out of it.

7. Poladian, Charles. “‘ELeague’ ESports On TBS Debuts May 24 With Three-Hour ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ Broadcasts.” International Business Times. N.p., 28 Jan. 2016. Web. 07 Dec. 2016.

Background: This article is about the announcement of a brand new eSports league debuting a Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament on national television on TBS during its sport segment.

How I used it: This is the very first successful U.S/ T.V broadcasted eSport tournament. ELeague is showing very promising viewership figures on TBS. Only helping the fact that eSports is growing exponentially.

8. Staff, TMZ. “Rick Fox: ESports Jocks Are Just Like NBA Players … Real Athletes.” TMZ. N.p., 29 June 2016. Web. 07 Dec. 2016.

Background: This article shows an interview TMZ did with Rick Fox, a former basketball player, businessman and actor who owns his own eSports team/organisation.

How I used it: That the media and the majority of society are very biased and ignorant toward the fact that eSports cannot turn into a mainstream sport like football or soccer.

9. TMZSports. “Rick Fox- ESports Will Overtake NHL In 2 Years!! | TMZ Sports.” YouTube. YouTube, 21 Mar. 2016. Web. 07 Dec. 2016.

Background: TMZ does a very quick interview with Rick Fox, former NBA star and now owner of Echo Fox, an eSport franchise.

How I used it: I used this interview to show how biased and close minded Americcan media can be. It shows the image that some news/media outlets hold on video games.

10.  Wagner, Michael G. “On the Scientific Relevance of ESports.” N.p., Jan. 2006. Web. 11 Nov. 2016.

Background: This article provides information about the lack of scientific research behind eSports.

How I used it: This source proves that eSports is more than just a casual game that anybody can pick up and play. It shows that it requires a physical form that not everybody has.


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