Bibliography- Beyonce1234

Annotated Bibliography

1.CK”s Baseball 4U, B. C. (2014, February 27). What’s the Difference between Baseball and Softball? Retrieved October 30, 2016.

Background: This website article post has quick and easy to read bullet points of clear differences of the two sports. It provides measurements for each sports field and equipment. It also provides categories that each sport has, then a bullet point for each with how they are different.

How I Used It: I used this in my Definition Argument. I provide facts that I found from this website to my assignment. It helped me notice more differences that I haven’t seen before between these two sports. This helps support the claim that these sports are very different, but still have the same aspects.

2.H. (2014). Difference Between Tennis and Badminton. Retrieved November 23, 2016. 

Background: This is also an article with quick and easy facts about the two sports. There is also a table that as the same aspects of the sports, but states how those aspects are different. There are bullet point to that make the article straight forward and easy to take facts out of.

How I Used It: I used the sports badminton and tennis to support my argument. To enhance my claim, and make it more clear, I compared another pair of sports that are very similar but are different in difficulty levels. This website was used to support my claim and to persuade the reader. I also used this same article to fine rebuttals to the argument. It helped me claim that because two sports are similar, neither can be more difficult. Each sport has aspects that make them both difficult.

3. Mann, B. A. (2011, September 30). Baseball vs. Softball. Retrieved October 30, 2016.

Background: This is another website article that explains for facts about the two sports. It has some aspects that other articles do not talk about.

How I Used It: I used this website to enhance the claims I have made in my argument.

4.The Difference Between Baseball & Softball | (n.d.). Retrieved October 30, 2016

Background: This article includes many statistics about both of the two sports. The author makes claims about baseball and softball. It also makes other claims that the other articles don’t bring up. This article also provides many measurements and statistics.

How I Used It: This article helped me support my claim, and helped me use facts and numbers to provide in my paper.

5. A Women’s Softball Pitcher vs. the Top Baseball Hitters…Who Wins? (n.d.). Retrieved November 06, 2016.

Background: This article produces scenarios about a professional softball pitcher that pitches to some of the best baseball hitters. It also makes claims about how the pitcher and hitter work. The author also states how the hitter went through with each pitch they faced on the softball pitcher.

How I Used It: I used this to support my argument that the batters were expected to not do as well as most people think they should, since they are professional batters. I also used claims and facts that the article made in my argument.

6. Tinley, S. (2014, July 24). Why MLB hitters can’t hit Jennie Finch and science behind reaction time. Retrieved November 06, 2016.

Background: This article explains how batters approach hitting off of professional softball pitcher, Jennie Finch. It gives much background about Finch and her pitching history. This article states another scenario that Finch strikes out multiple MLB batters.

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