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Gun Control Causes Gun Violence

The law does not prevent individuals from participating in heinous activities, they only allow governmental consequences if caught committing the crime. Although our government prohibits the manufacturing, use, and distribution of illegal narcotics, roughly 48.6% of criminals in prison are in for drug offenses. Although the goal of the War on Drugs was to end addiction rates, our society reaped the opposite results. If we were to seize the natural right of self defense from American families, it would not result in less violence, it would result in vulnerable targets.

In an attempt to remove guns from our streets, our government would be required to impose a nation-wide collection to remove guns from American houses. However, in America there are roughly 324 million citizens who own over 300 million guns. With only 1.1 million law enforcement officers, how could they be reasonably expected to remove these firearms? Not to mention all of the remote locations in which many citizens reside in. If a nation-wide collection was implemented, it is obvious that many guns will be left behind, leaving a massive threat for the American people.

Further, the border that America shares with Mexico is not secure enough for such a regulation. Currently, the Mexican drug cartel owns tunnels that burry beneath the border to make the smuggling of unregistered weapons and narcotics possible. These unregistered weapons consist of machine guns, pistols, assault rifles, and even grenades that are untraceable. If we were to somehow effectively eliminate all guns from our society, illegal firearms will still be bought by criminals, posing a large threat to the American people. This would result in vulnerable families and armed criminals, not a safe country to live in.

In the unlikely event that effective gun collection has passed, there will only be two types of people who will own guns: police officers, and criminals. After the purchase of an illegally-obtained firearm, a criminal will commit a crime. During the illegal situation, all of the citizens at risk are unable to defend themselves or those around them. The only people capable of defending others will be police officers, which take an average of 7 minutes to arrive to the scene of a crime. During those 7 crucial minutes, many terrible things could happen; but this easily preventable.

The idea of gun control is very appealing, after all, nobody likes gun crime. However, this does not mean that guns must be eliminated. In our society, guns have become a necessary-evil. Guns cause evil, but, they also prevent evil from hurting us and those we love. If guns never entered out society, we would be able to get by without them today, but for the fact that they now exist, guns are necessary to protect what is important to us.

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