Rebuttal Rewrite – BTB100

The U.S is acknowledged the top powerhouse in the world and a country that has the highest say in the United Nations, which has the likes of France, Britain, Russia, and a few other countries in the organization. But with that role that the U.S has they feel the need to always try to get involved and share their beliefs with the world.

The US is seen as a powerhouse nation with one of the strongest military power out there in the eyes of the people. But while having so much power can be beneficial in today’s world, it may cause more problems rather than good. Whenever a problem occurs, people believe the U.S should intervene since they have such a strong military and have been known for changing the tides in battle. People believe the U.S should intervene, go win the battle in Syrian and get out. But the people don’t realize there are many more problems that the U.S face when it comes to getting involved with foreign affairs. The United Nations was created for these types of problems, which is a reason why the U.S should stand back and let this organization do there job.

The United Nations was created to prevent wars and to intervene when necessary and to prevent any harm on countries. This organization was made after the world war to prevent wars. But other countries like Russia and China have different plans for how to settle the problem with Syria, that many other countries do not believe in. While other countries realize the problems that are going on in Syria and realize they have no need to be involved. President Obama felt upset that France and Britain are making no attempt to get involved. But understanding where France is coming from many wouldn’t want to be involved either after the attacks they received at Paris and bombing that occurred as well. The US as well has dealt with a lot of problems with terrorism speaking 9/11 and the bombing in Boston just occurred in these past years. Other countries such as France realize there is no need to get involved, the U.S should think about recent events before making there next move on Syria.

A major concern for bringing soldiers to another country to defend foreign people, as a country we shouldn’t be sending our own men to a place where they risk their lives in order to protect other countries citizens,  due to foreign countries having weak military strength.  Lt. Gen. Clarence E. McKnight, Jr believes a way to defend the Syrians is to send men in and risk their lives .“Only an overwhelming land force can impose order and peace on that tortured piece of real estate. We would lose people as would our allies, but the alternative is to simply stand idly by while this tragedy unfolds.” As he describes so in the article “The U.S. Should Intervene in Syria in a Big Way” I completely disagree with this statement, by sending in soldiers we risk there lives and create more chaos. As Lt. Gen. Clarence E. McKnight, Jr goes on to say “I don’t mean more bombing, more pathetic efforts at diplomacy and heaven forbid any more red lines.” to me bombing would be more of a reasonable idea rather then sending soldiers in. No matter what ISIS will feel threatened and strike back, they have shown that throughout the years and that they will not be hiding back and laying low. They will strike back to the ones who intervene with their battles. Either way by getting involved the U.S will cause problems so if that’s the case, blow off a few bombs take your men out and see how they react because either we sending our men into a death mission would bring back terror to our country. Due to the safety of our people and concern for there well being is why we shouldn’t even get involved, no good come out of getting involved. If the world saw this as a major problem others would be getting involved, but as you can see France and England are backing out because they got more problems to deal within there own country.

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