Definition Rewrite – BTB100

The United States has been known for helping out foreign countries in a time of need, starting back to the first World War. But when it comes to war should we rethink the idea of helping out a country or to go in with no hesitations. For when doing so there maybe repercussions for our acts, the U.S should worry more towards the protection of there own people before strategizing a plan to save other countries people. A question our government should ask themselves about foreign affairs is, what US should get involved in and what they should leave up to the United Nations or other countries to intervene with?

The threats we receive from terrorist groups should be our government’s top concern. Countries around the world that are helping out the issue in Syria, and that are bringing in some of the people of refugees are being hit by terrorist attacks. The US has been involved with many problems due to terrorists throughout time, the people of the U.S fear that their lives may be at risk. If The US is aware of the risks they put on there own people should they still get involved or let others step in and give Syria help?

Elected president Donald Trump has implanted his ideas of Syrian refugees and decided to take our men out of Syria as well as close off the gates and banning  these Syrians from coming in. Already many other countries are getting involved with this crisis, and have a strong handle on the situation. By getting involved we open up the doors to much bigger problems such as dealing with Russia. Which Trump goes on to say in The New York Times, “We end up fighting Russia, fighting Syria.” Now by doing so not only are we letting in refugees that we clearly have no idea who we are, but also would be going to war with another country just because of our beliefs and ethics on society and how these Syrians should be treated.  All that has happened by getting involved with these Syrian refugees throughout the world should have convinced the government that the people of America need to be safe and let others intervene and stay out of this disaster.

Since 9/11 there has been a significant amount of refugees that the US has let in. An article By Russell Berman, called “an ISIS Terrorists Really Infiltrate The Syrian Refugee Program?” Berman asks the question such as can ISIS ruin the refugee problem and stop refugees from deporting,  “And within that population, three people have been arrested for activities related to terrorism. None of them were close to executing an attack inside the U.S., and two of the men were caught trying to leave the country to join terrorist groups overseas.” Even though those numbers do not seem like a big deal, we still have to look at it in a different perspective such as that if they were caught doing a terrorist acts there are many more of them out there who may not have been caught. As well as we don’t have a perfect government as does no one else which leads to question are there still other terroristic groups out there in the U.S who haven’t been caught, that are planning an attack on the nation? 

A giant problem with countries letting in refugees is that these refugees are coming in with have fake passports for allowing these Syrians into the countries, and trying to realize the difference between fake passports and real ones. After the bombing in Paris the French had found a the passports from one of the bombers, that France had no information of from this man ever being allowed into the country. “The fingerprint was not in the French database, the senator said, and therefore officials believe the man was among a group of refugees and migrants.” France could have prevented this tragic accident from happening. The U.S should learn from Frances mistakes and realize many people in France that got very hurt by this attack. The U.S should protect their people and do whatever it needs to ensure the safety of the people and one way to ensure that is by cutting off the borders to these refugees.

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