Robust Verbs – thathawkman

Vancouver now faces a new epidemic where heroin addicts commit a multitude of crimes in order to support their self-destructive addiction. The “free heroin for addicts” program attempts to address the problem and provide services to prevent addicts from committing further crimes. However, the issue is that this one organization can’t possibly permanently prevent the massive amount of crime that these heroin addicts contribute to. For a heroin addicts, living the normal day to day life is already a difficult task. However, adding the pure need and addiction to heroin causes even more stress and agony for the addicts. As heroin addicts primary goal now becomes to simply get more money to get more heroin, heroin addicts does whatever is necessary to sate, and thus fuel, their addiction. The issue with the “free heroin for addicts” program is that the program doesn’t get rid of the addicts’ addiction. Instead, the program brings heroin addict a place to go, which negates their reason to commit crimes in the first place. Also even though the program does help, it only helps temporarily solves the problem as heroin addicts will wreak havoc again once the program is ended.  This program is a start to a very unwieldy problem, but a better solution must be found eventually for the problem to be solved.

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