Robust Verbs- lmj20

In Vancouver, the crime rate is large because heroin addicts are committing crimes to support their habits. These addicts are having a hard time completing daily activities such as maintaining jobs, interactions, and relationships. The users often have no limits when it comes to getting their hands on heroin which has led a lot of theft. The “Free Heroin for Addicts” program is attempting to lower the crime rate of the city by providing heroin easily so that addicts do not have to commit crimes to get the drug. The program will also keep heroin users out of the hospital by reducing the use of laced drugs and unsanitary needles. The downfall to the program is that it will not help addicts move towards recovery.

One thought on “Robust Verbs- lmj20”

  1. Considerable improvement here, LMJ, especially in eliminating repetition and extra language. Even so, VERY LITTLE sentence variety. See how they all start, and with so many weak verbs “to be”?
    Still, Grade +1


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