Robust Verbs-Philly321

Drug addicts don’t willingly put themselves in dangerous situations for no apparent reason. The addiction to drugs disrupts the brain chemistry in a person, causing him or her to commit unreasonable felonies for personal stability. The “free heroin for addicts” program supplies these addicts with drugs to help diminish crime rates in Vancouver. Do we really feel that supplying this drug will be a permanent relief to a rising crime rate? Effectively, a drug addict, who feeds his or her addiction through this program, could be at risk for committing a crime, abusing the system or overdosing. The “free heroin for addicts” program doesn’t intend to hurt their sick patients. But the truth is, drug addicts will suffer worse outcomes and ultimately receive less mental health care. The program offers an unorthodox method that eliminates one problem while simultaneously creating a new one. The ability to see human beings for their actions, while neglecting to see their mental health issues, is the real crime.

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