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Many heroin addicts turn to committing crimes to support their habits, the drug ruins their ambitions and destroys aspirations for anything other than getting high. Vancouver knows firsthand the affects that rampant heroin addiction has on crime rates. The “free heroin for addicts” program aims at doing everything they can to stop the addicts. Large crime rates due to the addicts are disturbing the peace within the city.  Addicts have a hard time overcoming the crippling effects of their addiction to live their day to day lives. Daily activities, jobs, interactions, and relationships are hard to maintain while using and are often given up by users to sustain their habit. Heroin addiction causes desperation in those hooked on the potent street drug; so much so, they turn to any means necessary to fulfill a craving. Breaking and entering as well as stealing are commonplace for the addicted looking to score some cash to feed their habit. Addicts are limitless when it comes to finding their means of purchasing their drug of choice. The program within Vancouver does not help to ween these addicts off using heroin, it merely focuses on lowering the crime rates that they’re up to. These addicts will be off the streets if given the drug directly, which in turn will prevent them from committing minor street crimes. Heroin users will also be kept out of the hospital. Hospitals should not be burdened with people that use bad drugs or unsanitary needles and find themselves unable to afford costly hospital bills. Giving free, clean heroin to addicts may fix the city  but not the addiction that these people face.

One thought on “Robust Verbs-Dublin517”

  1. Your work here is better than most, Dublin, and worthy of a grade point.
    I want to warn you, though, that you didn’t categorize the post properly, so I had to find it by accident. Otherwise, I would have called it missing and charged you a point. For you sake, please review all your posts for correct categories before I grade your entire output. Drop me a Reply on any post that was not in the right place, easy to find.
    Grade +1


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