White Paper – smokesdabear

Hypothesis 1: Esports or competitive gaming can without a doubt be considered a sport, and very well compete with other big brand sports with famous teams. Sports like Football Baseball and Soccer.

1a. Working Hypothesis 2: Esports or competitive gaming can very well resemble other big brand sports. So much that it has a very passionate and thriving community supporting it at all times just like football or soccer.

Definition/classification: Before I discuss the idea of eSports being considered an actual sport, one needs to understand the invaluable and valuable aspects of eSports. I believe some can say the unvaluable aspects of all sports is that what good does it do to play them and support them? What are the players playing these sports gaining other than money and fame?

What a lot of people forget is what affects these sports have on society. Sports bring large sums of people from all around the world together, filling stadiums of 40.000 seats. They make friends and family come together on weekends to support their favorite teams. These communities of fans all have that one thing in common which is the passion and enjoyment they receive from playing and watching their sport of choice.

What I see in eSports is the same value in that of regular sports. Its about the social and the community aspect of them. Sports are there for entertainment, and the players are the performers. sports involve competition, storylines, relationships, villains and heroes. In the broader sense there is no difference between eSports and regular sports. If one wants to look at the technicality differences then yes one will find differences between the two but the overall affects sports and eSports have on our society are the same.

Cause/Affect Argument: The more the community behind eSports is pushed aside the quicker we may see a loss of passion and motivation to keep this sport moving forward.

Rebuttal argument: There have been several arguments toward eSports stating that it cannot be considered a sport because it is a “game”. Yet when we look at these other sports what exactly are they playing? is Football or soccer not a game? When people have been using the term game to portray these other sports. People see competitive video gaming to be not cometitive and morte of a recreational pass time.

Current State of Research paper: The current state of my paper seems solidified with its viewpoint and arguments. I have gained brand new knowledge and have heard from both sides of the spectrum. I have factual evidence to support my claims and judgement.


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