A:06 Visual Rewrite- Amazonite345

0:00-0:02: Our screen focuses on a woman most likely in her teens. She is looking to our right, and talking to someone off screen. The woman is dancing and people in the background, which appears to be someone’s home, huddled around, most likely talking to each other. One man in the background is holding a bottle, presumably a beer bottle judging by its brown color. All the people are casually dressed, and everone appears to be happy. All things considered, this is almost definitely a party atmosphere.

0:03-0:06: At 0:03 the woman brings a bottle up to her mouth rather quickly. At 0:04 she is staring up at the ceiling in a look of what appears to be both shock and pain. By 0:06 the camera angle changes to a wide shot, giving us the view of both the original teen and her friend, who is laughing and watching as her friend brings her head back down while covering her mouth with her hand.

0:07-0:11: At 0:07 the original teenager cups her hand and moves it into a position that suggests she is catching something from her mouth. At 0:08 the teenager starts to spit out two white objects that are almost definitely her teeth. Her friend meanwhile is standing by and watching, covering her mouth with both of her hands in an expression of shock but also one of laughter and joy that she is perhaps trying to conceal.

0:12-0:18: The girl is now the sole focus of the camera again, and it shows that the teenager no longer has any front teeth. By 0:14 the teenagers friend comes into the camera shot and is looking at the cupped hand with her friend looking and laughing at the teeth that the bottle knocked out of place. By 0:16 they start falling backwards onto a couch, laughing, too drunk to comprehend the seriousness of the situation.

0:18-0:22: The camera cuts to an entirely new area in the original party setting. Two people, one boy and one girl, who also appear to be in their teens, are talking to each other while sitting on the stairs. At 0:19 she lifts up a set of keys, presumably her car keys, in a gesture that suggests she has to go.

0:23-0:30- At 0:23 the girl lifts her finger to her lips, as if to ask the man she was talking to if he could keep a secret. She appears to stumble slightly, hitting her back against a doorway, but shyly laughs it off. By 0:27 the girl is picking her jacket off the floor and runs off screen to the right, all while the man watches her.  It’s at this point the commercial ends, leaving the viewer to assume the ending. Most likely, the ending they wanted to imprint on the viewer was one where something wrong happened to the girl because of her implied driving while being buzzed.

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