Blind Summary-theshocker69

Mammograms may be one of the most important and most utilized medical procedure utilized by women to avoid breast cancer. However, many doctors do not have the ability to be sure about the diagnosis that they give to their patients. Following the mammogram, if the tumor is malignant, the patient is sent for a biopsy to ensure it is malignant. If there is no tumor spotted then the patient leaves and continues their lives. For this reason, many women leave the hospital after receiving a false negative; unknowing of the cancer growing inside of them. For this reason, we need smarter routes of ensuring accurate mammogram results.

One thought on “Blind Summary-theshocker69”

  1. 1. False/ Batshit crazy/ Wrong
    2. True/ Reasonable/ Bad.
    3. Unlikely/ Unreasonable/ Bad
    4. Likely/ Reasonable/ Good
    5. False/ Reasonable/ Bad
    6. Likely/ Unreasonable/ Bad
    7. Likely/ Batshit crazy/ Wrong
    8. True/ Reasonable/ Good
    9. Likely/ Reasonable/ Good
    10. True/ Reasonable/ Good
    11. True/ Reasonable/ Good
    12. True/ Reasonable/ Good.
    13. False/ Reasonable/ Bad
    14. False/ Batshit Crazy/ Bad
    15. False/ Batshit Crazy/ Bad
    16. Likely/ Unreasonable/ Bad
    17. Likely/ Reasonable/ Good
    18. False/ Unreasonable/ Fundamentally Wrong
    19. True/ Reasonable/ Good
    20. Likely/ Reasonable/ Bad
    21. Not likely/ Unreasonable/ Bad
    22. Likely/ Unreasonable/ Bad
    23. Likely/ Unreasonable/ Bad
    24. Likely/ Reasonable/ Good
    25. Likely/ Reasonable/ Bad
    26. Likely/ Reasonable/ Bad
    27. Likely/ Reasonable/ Good
    28. Likely/ Reasonable/ Good
    29. Likely/ Reasonable/ Good
    30. Likely/ Reasonable/ Bad
    31. Unlikely/ Reasonable/ Bad
    32. Likely/ Reasonable/ Good
    33. Likely/ Reasonable/ Good
    34. False/ Unreasonable/ Bad
    35. Likely/ Reasonable/ Very Good
    36. Likely/ Reasonable/ Good
    37. Unlikely/ Unreasonable/ Bad
    38. Likely/ Reasonable/ Good
    39.True/ Reasonable/ Bad
    40. Likely/ Reasonable/ Bad
    41. Likely/ Batshit Crazy/ Bad
    42. Unlikely/ Reasonable/ Good
    43. Likely and Unlikely/ Reasonable/ Good
    44. Likely/ Unreasonable/ Good
    45. Likely/ Reasonable/ Bad
    46. Unlikely/ Unreasonable/ Good
    47. True/ Reasonable/ Good
    48. True/ Reasonable/ Good
    49. Not true/ Unreasonable/ Bad
    50. True/ Reasonable/ Good


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