E02: Cows and Chips

The beach is often a popular vacation destination on the East Coast. One of the many popular activities for children on the beach is building sand castles, but how long do those sand castles last? The cool, calm waves creep up and wash away each and every sand castle before we know it. They come and go just as quick as money does. We slave to build a sand castle that is something worth while just to see it dissappear shortly after and we are left to build it again. This is the same way with money. We work extremely hard to earn something that we instantly spend and we are left to continue working to earn more money. This in the eyes of many is the harsh concept of money. Many questions that arise is what is money and the concept behind it? This is a major question for everyone around the world. As the famous “Stone Money” story stated, money is an item worth value for trade. In order to further explain the concept of money, we will look into how the US currency differs from the Yap’s and the public’s faith in the value of currency.

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