Visual Rewrite

0:00-0:09: A young girl, lonely, scared and afraid appears into the picture on the cold dark side of the street. She hesitantly glances left and right looking for something while standing at a bus stop. Perhaps she is looking or waiting for the bus or even a car to pick her up. She is alone, maybe she is waiting for a way home after school, or an after school activity such as a sport or band or the school play. Either way, she is awaiting for something and she has been waiting for much longer than she had anticipated.

0:09-0:23: The young girl nervously watches each car pass her by as she hesitantly continues to look left and right. She may feel alone, watching hopelessly as each car turns their head blindly and quickly passes by her. Helplessly watching, she sees her only signs of hope pass her by again, and again, and again.

0:23-0:36: The young girl continuously pulls her hair out of the way of her face in frustration. Her answers to her problems are not available. She realizes that she has no hope, and will not find her answer. A little girl all alone of the side of the street should turn heads, but instead the little girl is only ignored. What did she do to deserve the ignorance of each passing bystander? She is receiving neglect from everyone and everything.

0:36-0:45: All alone, she looks extremely upset as her eyes begin to tear up. She looks left, right, hoping for an answer and then looks up in prayer as if she has nothing else. At this point, she feels as if there is no hope, as if she is abandoned. Helplessly she leaves her post in the search for

0:45-1:03: She is very hesitant about her decision and suddenly stops in her tracks and turns back around facing the bus stop. She cannot decide what to do, questioning her decision to walk away from it all or to stay. She would be walking away from any hope she may have of finding her answer. Her answer could be multiple things, but whatever she is searching for she decides to wait a little longer.

1:03-1:23: She continues to pace back and forth, frustrated. She is no longer concerned about her hair in her face, and begins to cry in maybe fear or anger or even sadness. The lonely wait is too much for her to bare. Was she abandoned? Perhaps. Just when it seems all hope was lost, the screen cuts black.

1:23-1:32: The young girl opens her eyes, sitting down exactly where she had previously been before. On her left there is a young boy with orange hair next to her as he greets her. The emotions that had run through her had vanished. Hope has arrived and the loneliness subsided.

1:32-1:45: After all of the young girl’s frustration, the young boy seemed to cure any frustration, or anger that the young girl had. When she was alone and at her lowest, all she needed was someone there for her. Her answer to every problem was the young boy. Some one to be there when she was at her lowest. Mental illness’ often lead individuals to feel lonely as if no one can truly understand what that individual is experiencing. The little girl’s answer was simply someone to talk to.

“We All Have Problems”

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