Visual Rewrite-31Savage

Good Dad

0:01-0:02 The ad opens up with a middle aged white male looking to his lift with his eyes opened wide as if he is surprised by something in that direction. He is looking from behind a hand carved gold object. The object looks like it could be a picture frame. The man has dirty blond hair with a receding hairline as if he is losing his hair. The man is only visible from his eyes to the top of his head. The gold frame takes up the bottom half of the scene. He looks to be standing with his back against a tan painted wall.

0:02-0:03 The camera zooms out to a full shot of the man and a portrait. The camera captures the area of the room where the man is standing. The man is holding a portrait of a white woman looking to her left, with a gold dress on. The portrait is half the size of the man. The man is holing the portrait with each hand on both sides of the frame. Only his lower body and hands are visible to the camera. He has on blue jeans with black and tan socks. He is standing against a wall between two windows that has tan curtains where the portrait would hang. The room seems to be a sitting room. There are two chairs to his left and right a few feet away from the windows.

0:03-0:05 The man is now in the family room inside a couch laying under the seat cushions. The view of the man is blocked by the couch cushions and wooden coffee table in front of the couch. The coffee table has 3 books on it. There is a tan lamp placed on a table to the right of the couch. There is also a mahogany leather chair with a dark brown leather ottoman to the right of the coffee table. The man is very noticeable under the cushions. He is making the couch cushions uneven creating a separation of the cushions and the couch. The left side of the mans face is visible from the cameras angle.

0:05 The man has tucked his head deeper into the couch as if he doesn’t want to be seen. He is still looking outward to see if something was coming.

0:05-0:06 The man is now in an adults bedroom standing on a white shelf.  His height is fully visible. He is wearing the same jeans and sock with a dark colored sweater and light blues dress shirt under it. He is standing tall with his back against the wall of a double door glass paneled closet. There is also a single door white closet directly in front of him. The room is light tan and white.

0:06  There is a person seated in a mahogany leather chair with a colorful knitted blanket with only their hand and foot exposed. The person has the same socks the man had on. The person is noticeable to anybody it that room. The room seems to be a entertainment room. There is a flat screen television on the wall. The television is mounted on the wall between a white shelf with pictures and books on it.

0:07 The person has pulled their exposed hand under the cover.

0:08-0:09 The camera is positioned to show the mans body from the legs down. He seems to be attempting to hide behind a curtain. He is in the same attire. The curtain is off white with a horizontal pattern at the bottom. There are Two tables visible in this scene.

0:09-0:11 The camera is now positioned to the mans left with his body visible from the shoulders up. The man is behind the curtains looking to his left as if he sees something in that direction. The man’s face is cleanly shaved like a Wall Street business man. He has a calm but alert facial expression.

0:11-0:13 The man is now in a hallway near the front door. The front door is wide open but he is not headed for the door. He looks like he is trying to step as lightly as possible. He is looking to his right up the stairs. His shoes are still off, that maybe because walking in the hallway with hardwood floors would make too much noise.

0:13-0:15 Someone is now standing in a black brick chimney with their lower body exposed. There are two bronze ornaments to the persons right and left. These ornaments are knee high to the person.

0:15 The man is now at the top of the stairs looking toward the room behind the steps. The camera is positioned in a room with the view of the stairs and the room directly across from the stairs. The room has a picture on the wall with two black wooden chairs a few feet away from the wall.

0:16 The man is now in the doorway across from the stairs looking in the same direction as before.

0:17 The man is now in the doorway of the room with the picture and black chairs looking into the room where the camera is positioned. He seems to be looking for someone.

0:18-0:19 He is in a laundry room balled up in a cabinet attempting to close the cabinet door. There are two laundry detergent bottles in front of the man. There are also folded laundry on the folding table.

0:20-0:21 He is standing behind a plant he is holding near a white door. There is a mirror to his left. The camera is positioned to capture most of his body except his feet. There is a room to his left where a brown piano sits under a window. There is also a small picture and lamp near the piano.

0:21-0:23 He is now in a kid’s room smiling into the room from behind a shelf of stuffed animals. The stuffed animals might belong to a little girl. There are many stuffed animals with girly colors in them. The paint on the wall is white with pink flowers. This further indicates that it’s a girls room. There is a baby doll on the bed out of focus of the camera.

0:23-0:25 This scene is in a upstairs hallway. There is a wooden cabinet against the wall. There is a little girl with pink and purple pajamas on running in the hallway. The girl is running in the direction of a room at the end of the hallway. She has long brown hair that sways behind her as she runs.

0:25-0:30 The man is in the room hiding under a pile of clothes. The closet looks like a storage closet because the shelves are full of white blankets and towels. There is also a vacuum cleaner to the right of the guy. The words floats above the man’s head. There is also four logos and the number 877-4DAD411 at the bottom of the screen.

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