Moving Image- tiggs18

0:00  Seems to be many houses in which were involved in some type of flood.  Houses that look like they are crowded next to each other in some type of small neighborhood sit in high waters with no bodies to be encountered for.

0:03-0:06 Camera changes to a house that has water almost up to the front door with a man sitting on a chair on the porch.  It seems that he is trying to think  to himself with tragic thoughts about what he is looking at.  Something like this and how tragic that it is could ruin someones entire life so i couldn’t imagine how bad this man must be feeling about his future.

0:06-0:08 New shot of the back window of a car where there are two children looking out in some type of fear.  It seems the car is dredging through water.  In a sense, these kids could seem to be looking for someone who is helping and seeing what is really going on and how bad everyone has it.

0:08-0:10 Camera changes to what looks to be a flooded area in which some people are being push in little boats to try to stay dry.  The words on the screen make it look as if some people got on their boats to go safe others stranded.

0:11 People on boats in the high water seem to al be heading in the same direction most likely leading to go help others.  People like these are great people because they are giving themselves out to help others in these tough times.

0:12-0:13 A man stands in the high water with a vest on.  Flooded houses in the background with a mailbox showing how high the water is.  Clearly they have the man looking down in a sense that he is feeling really bad for everyone and realizing how tragic these times actually are.

0:14 A man stands in which looks to be a flooded street down at a vehicle coming his way which you can see is fighting through the water.  This car coming could be someone coming to help the man on the phone because something could have went wrong in his house, or houses around.

0:15-0:16 People pointing most likely standing in some type of boat.  A car and houses in the background in which the car is almost completely submerged show to brutal conditions.  The words “saving people” is written across the screen meaning that they are a bunch of people trying to help everyone else out.

0:17 A man seems to be pulling an older man and a younger kid through the water to keep them dry.  Once again, the words saving people is written across the screen which could be meaning that this man is pulling them to safety.

0:18-0:19 A boat full of dogs seem to being pulled by a string to keep them out of the water to not drown.  Saving pets is on the screen so it seems that they are all trying to help the pets get to safety so everyone has a pet still.

0:19-0:20 A dog is being carried by somebody to keep them out of water.  The look on the dogs face shows how sad it really is.  To see a dog in this despair shows how hard these times really are for everyone.

0:20-0:23 A lady stand in what looks to be her living room where it is completely flooded.  Looks to be a dresser in which the draws are out and everything looks damaged.  Its only the beginning on the screen means that this is not the worst of what its coming.  They have to deal with so many problems after this.

0:23-0:28 Looks to be a truck filled with giant bags in which could be care packages.  The words on the screen seem to tell the viewer that those bags are heading over there to help.

0:30 Two children sit on what looks to be a porch where they are holding each other in some type of joy.  Maybe at the end of it all, the bags were sent and in somehow things being to be fixed.


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