a06 visual rewrite- wvuhockey

(0-3) An older style, dark wagon vehicle is driving slowly through a parking lot at night time in the fall.

(4-6) A group of friends are hanging in the dark parking lot surrounding their old style, middle class vehicles.

(6-9) A man with dark hair and glasses is grabbing a blonde woman’s face as she is looking away from him. The mans eyes appear to be closed as if he is going in for a kiss, But the woman is looking away from him.

(10-13) The picture pans out and there is another young man with a beer bottle in his hand. In the background, the 2 individuals from the previous scene are kissing. Everything is starting to come together with what is going on.

(13-15) Everyone appears to begin departing the parking lot. The man with the beer ducks down and slides into the drivers seat of his car.

(15-17) Two males are laughing, looking at one another from over the top of the car. They are standing on opposite sides. wearing leather jackets. looks like an older generation.

(17-19) The driver hands his open beer bottle to the teenage lady in the passenger seat. The people in the back are all drinking while in the car with no seat belt on.

(19-21) Man in the back seat leans up and grabs the drivers shoulder with a concerned look on his face. Appears to be talking to him. possibly asking him if he is okay to drive.

(21-23) Man leans back feeling comfortable and puts his arm around the girl next to him. She appears to be his girlfriend.Once his friend said that he was okay to drive he got very comfortable.

(23-25) The driver missed the ignition hole with the key fumbling around with his keys next to the skinny brown steering wheel. This is an early sign that he might be a little bit tipsy.

(25-27)Driver turns the silver, older looking key.

(27-28) Flash of light and every individual in the car turns into a skeleton.

( 28-30) A skeleton hand and a human hand are shaking whith the words, “drinking and driving can kill a friendship”.


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