open strong- wvu hockey

The force of a professional boxer’s fist is equivalent to being hit with a 13 pound bowling ball traveling 20 miles per hour, about 52 g’s. Plopping down into an easy chair can generate up to 10 g’s. So, it seems that somewhere between 10 and 50 g’s is the threshold to permanent brain injury. This does not mean that accelerations over 50 g’s have to cause permanent brain damage. Football players are subjected to 200 g’s, and Indy race car drivers have been subjected to 80 g’s without permanent injury, but they were wearing helmets. This information is well known and we still have kids being injured every single day. Something needs to be done about the blatant head trauma young athletes are experiencing from sports.

With head trauma being the most common sports injury, Something needs to be put into affect immediately to change this. Head impacts and concussions caused by contact sports are a quickly growing epidemic among young athletes. 3,800,000 concussions have been reported in 2012, double what was reported in 2002. What athletes don’t know is that this could easily affect them for the rest of their lives if not treated properly.

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