Missing Dollar-Amazonite345

Despite what the paradox might say, there is no missing dollar. The wording of the paradox makes you want to believe that the equation for the missing dollar is simply 9×3+2=29. It is purposely misleading as to confuse the reader. The equation is wrong. The real equation is 10(the number of dollars per person) x 3(the number of people) = 25( the total value of the bill) + 3(the number of dollars returned to the lades) + 2(the number of dollars the waiter took as a tip.) This makes the equation 10×3=25+3+2. Both sides equal 30 dollars, meaning there is no missing dollar.

To make this even simpler: The price of the meal plus the waiters tip is 27 dollars. The last 3 dollars are returned to the men.

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