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For my research essay I will be examining how African American citizens fear being killed by the police who suppose to be protecting them from harm and serving the community. Over the past few years there has been major police shootings especially in the Black communities.Over the past year the police has killed 102 unarmed black men. Data has showed that in the year of 2015 police officers has killed 5 times the amount of white men. Based on the killings that were done by law enforcement, in their cases no officers where found guilty and didn’t face any jail time or was convicted of murder.

While researching I found that in this year alone, 708  people have been shot by the police. But out of 708 there was 173 who was African American, unarmed and killed. Also majority of the police shootings are more men then women . Finally, reports has also shown that police shootings had increased over the past years. Policemen are suppose to protect citizens from harm, instead of killing them for what seems to be no reason.  With the shooting and death rates increasing each year it makes people rethink if they can trust the officers.


1.” Mapping police Violence” –

The Essential Content of  the Article: This article shows the statics on the year of 2015 and how many unarmed African American men was killed.  This article shows  each African American including women who was killed by the cops.

What it Proves : This proves that black men are 5 times more likely to be killed then white men.

2.”Police shooting 2016 data”- Washington Post:

The Essential Content of the Article: This article shows that 719 people have been shot and killed this year by the police. It also shows that 991 people were killed by the police in 2015.

What it Proves: This proves that so far the most killings occurred in 2015 however 2016 is not over yet and the number of killings for this year so far is a lot.

3.” Police Shooting Statistics 2016: Are More Black People Killed By Officers Than Other Races ” – Janice Williams

The Essential Content of the Article: This article shows that not only was 991 people was killed in 2015, but out of that total 258 were black. This year, out of the 719 people who was killed, 178 were black .

What it Proves :  This proves that since last year it has increased. Also more men are being killed by the police then women.

4. ” One Map Shows How Many People Police Have Killed In Each State So Far this Year?”-Tome Mckay

The Essential Content of the Article : This article shows the map of the United States where the most police shooting has occurred in 2016. Out of  the 50 states, in 47 of them, at least one or more people have been killed by police shootings.

What it Proves :  This proves how many people been killed in certain states.

5.”People Police have killed so far in 2016″ –

The Essential Content of the Article: This article shows how many people have been killed this year even though the year not over yet. This article reports that 855 people have died at the hands of police officers.

What it Proves: This proves that Native American and African Americans are being killed at the highest rate in the United States.


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  1. You need a thesis, JuniorGirl. At the moment, you have a topic.

    You’ll also have to be particularly careful to maintain objectivity when so many sources on this topic are highly politicized and almost always extremely opinionated. It will not be good research to pass along the conclusions of other authors who have a point to prove. You’ll need to examine the evidence yourself and draw your own conclusions.

    Just one example from your work so far. For Source 1, you claim:
    What it Proves : This proves that black men are 5 times more likely to be killed then white men.

    Whatever it may prove, the source itself does not draw this precise conclusion. It says: Unarmed black people were killed at 5x the rate of unarmed whites in 2015.

    That’s different from your claim in two important ways. You say “men” where the source does not. You say “black men” where the source says “unarmed black people.”

    All the claims might be true, but if you’re going to remain credible, you have to be extremely careful to quote your sources accurately and completely.


  2. Both excellent questions, JuniorGirl.

    1. How do you start off a thesis?

    This process cannot be forced. It’s the result of careful reading on your topic with an open mind. As soon as we begin to read the best sources we can find, we form judgments that guide our further reading. If we start with a thesis TO PROVE, we can’t read objectively; everything is filtered to eliminate the pesky Counterarguments that threaten our proof. But if we’re reading openly, receptively, those nagging doubts about our hypothesis can become a thesis worthy of pursuing.

    For example, with all the terrible news about police shootings of unarmed black men, we can all be forgiven for concluding there must be racism involved. We think of the cops as white and therefore suspect that they’re expressing their bias against black suspects in a very deadly way.

    But then come the examples of black suspects killed by black officers. They don’t match our hypothesis, so we try to reject them. But they offer us a unique opportunity to do some original research. If the numbers are available, we might find to our surprise that black officers are just as likely to shoot black suspects as their white officer counterparts. If THAT’S true, then something other than simple racism is at work. Maybe police officers in general feel more threatened by black suspects than white suspects. If so, then white cops don’t shoot black suspects because the cops are white; they shoot black suspects because the cops are cops. That subtle difference is worth investigating.

    2. How can you tell which source to trust?

    Sometimes, the source announces itself as untrustworthy. A blog that calls itself “Blue Lives Matter” announces its intention to persuade readers of a particular point of view. It will not entertain arguments contrary to its “mission.”

    A few periodicals have earned the trust of readers by adhering to high journalistic standards [The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, for example] despite having different slants.

    The reason this course demands a high percentage of “academic” sources is to assure objectivity in your research.

    Starting with the Rowan Library database of sources is the best way to guarantee that the academic community is taking responsibility for “vetting” the reliability of your research.


    1. Is it possible that you can go over my opening and thesis below ?
      When you hear the police officer oath of “Protect & Serve” what comes to mind ? Over the past year , there has been an increase in police involved shootings where many citizens, who are unarmed, are injured by the officers. Based on current research, these acts of violence involve citizens who are also African American. In this paper, I will discuss how African American males are historically targets of these senseless acts.


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