A04: Stone Money Rewrite–childishharambe

Forms of currency come in all different shapes and sizes but in the end they all have one thing in common. All forms of money with a few exceptions for example Gold. Money is used to buy, trade or even rent all types of different goods. As I got older I started to question the actual value of money. Besides the written number located on the paper or coin what makes the logic valid or verified? In my opinion American currency makes more sense than the bitcoin which is used by the Island of Yap. Money is a man made fallacy but it is important because it allows us to obtain things others do not. As malicious as this sounds it is true. You either have it or you don’t but I’ve never spent a dollar that I did not want back.

When comparing the gigantic boulders aka the bitcoin the Yep used to a dollar bill at first it did not make sense to me. This enormous piece of limestone the Yep is actually worth something? The more I read and researched I started to realize the Yep due to their culture are so different but also have some similarities for example such as bitcoins can not be carried around in a wallet like a bill or in your pocket like change. From my knowledge the people from the Island of Yap did not wheel barrow their boulders around and chip pieces off of it to negotiate for goods but that is what made sense to them. Trading a house for the boulder made complete sense to them. They gave these boulders or bitcoins value just as Brazil did with their form of made up money.

America would go on to piggy back on Brazil and replicated their form of currency. America did this using Brazil as it’s prime example to help the citizens better understand why this would be better for the American people and the rest of the world. America did this because at one point Brazil was nation wide a country that was looked at as one of the most stable economies. America fell victim to the idea and before you knew it Gold was a thing of the past. Yes, Gold is still worth money but no one is walking into the grocery store with Gold bricks exchanging for their groceries. The need to go mining for Gold or Limestone was a thing of the past. People began to move away from Gold and started adding more focus towards the much more easily acquired dollar bills. It seemed that the governments plan worked.

After acknowledging the fact I grew up with a much more different situation and system due to culture bitcoins started but still did not really make as much sense to me as the dollar bill did. Maybe to the people of Yap the idea of knowing you have money when you need it made sense to them but I would not be able to go out with my friends or on vacation knowing my money is sitting outside of my house and able to be stolen at any minute. That to me is the same as leaving your wallet at home with your doors unlocked in a bad neighborhood. Maybe the people of Yap had more respect for each other than we do as Americans but I can not go anywhere without knowing I have money on me. The fact remains without money you have nothing to show for your hard work. I like being able to buy stuff when I can.

Money is an illusion it to this day in a sense is not real. We just like Brazil made the dollar significant as it became the new Gold. It is in a better sense a figment of our imaginations. Money is real in the sense of it can be used to purchase good but money is only worth something because we made gave it value. Money made trading for goods easier and America like Brazil did this because it benefited technically only us. Money can be produced much easier than Gold. Instead of having to barter an item you maybe did not want too for something you needed money gave you the opportunity to exchange without having to do that. Money is important because people want they don’t have. Some blame the bible but I just believe when people don’t have something or are told they can’t the greed and jealousy begins to eat away and people begin to find ways to obtain it. Money in any culture is the reason for violence and evil.

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One thought on “A04: Stone Money Rewrite–childishharambe”

  1. NAKED GRADES for Argument/Rhetoric/Mechanics/Scholarship: NNNN

    You have big problems here, Harambe. Your argument is pretty much entirely wrong. The Yap didn’t use Bitcoin; the US didn’t copy the Brazilian economy in any way; and that’s just the beginning. Your mechanics fails for grammar in several ways, beginning with your repeated use of the 2nd person. You don’t make a single citation, so your essay also fails for Scholarship. We need to conference, and you need to seek additional help.

    I could help more, but you’ll have to start a meaningful dialog for that and not simply ask for feedback.


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