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                                                         The value of money 

Money today seems to be what is most important to people. In this generation “Money is power”. Once before I believed that money was everything. I use to think that all I needed was money to make it in this world and that my happiness would fall into place as long as I had money in my pocket. As I get older I have come to realize that money is  not everything. There is a lot of things in this world that money can not buy but will still make you happy.Think about how people spend their money on things that they don’t need instead of things that they do need in order to make it in life. When thinking about money people don’t think  about when that day comes money is going to disappear. Just like a cow can’t live without their food we can’t live without money. We never question ourselves about how much is money really worth ?or When money disappear how will we live with out ?

After reading “Stone Money ” by David Kestenbaum, my thoughts on money have not changed. Based on the article came to conclusion that money is not all that important. It is important for certain things that we need to survive and keep us on grid with technology, food, and clothing however there are people who live their lives using as little money as possible. The text states,”….. as soon as money fails, papers means  nothing anymore.” I agree with this quote because money is not everything that we think it is. If money lost its value then there would be no need for paper especially with the way technology is advancing.

In “Stone-Money Essay” by Milton Friedmen, he illustrates the myth and belief of the concept of money. In the article it states,”Our own money, the money we have grown up with, the system under which it is controlled, these appear real and rational to us”. In other words Friedmen agrees with the thought of money . Being that we know how money works and being raised with money compared to someone with no money , you will think differently then them. Everyone is raised with a different knowledge about money. Some people may have been raised in an environment where money could have been tight so they grew up thinking money should be budgeted and spent accordingly. Other people may have grown up where money wasn’t a problem in their environment and they were use to just buying whatever they wanted without thinking about a prices. Someone who grew up like that may be more relaxed with the way money works and the way they use it. This quote really means that people have their knowledge on money based on how they were taught and what they know to be real.

The way the world works today money is the center of it all. Our environment has programmed us to think that we need a lot of money to live a good life or if you don’t have a certain amount of money then you are not going to be successful or obtain true happiness and that is not true. If money was to vanish from this world tomorrow I believe people would go absolutely crazy and wouldn’t know what to do. I am happy that I changed my views on money early on in life and didn’t let money control me.

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