Moving Image – thathawkman

0:01 – 0:04

The advertisement starts off with a backshot of a very young boy around the age of 10. The boy is wearing moderate clothes that look quite casual and plain. He is also wearing a backpack which indicates that he goes to school. The boy is walking in what seems to be a suburb during the day toward a house, opens the gate to a wire fence, then opens the door to enter the house. All of this indicates that he is not part of a rich family.

0:04 – 0:07

The frame shifts to see the boy entering the kitchen, immediately taking off his backpack, and opening the fridge. This indicates that the kid was hungry after going to school. The house seems like a neat,standard suburban home which does not seem run down.  From a clock you can tell it’s around 2:35, which is around the time kids at that age group get home after a day from school. On the top right it shows a handprint painting and coloring utensils. As he opens the fridge, it reveals more hand drawn pictures stuck on the fridge. All of these minute details emphasize the innocence of the little kid.

0:07 – 0:08

The camera is angled so it shows the boy looking inside the open fridge. However, the frame shows that there is not much food inside the fridge that he can eat. There are three containers with food (which we assume he cannot eat, a jar of sauce, and a box of something that you cannot tell what it is. The rest of the fridge seems to be barren.

0:08 – 0:10

The camera now shifts to a slight opening in the fridge from the joint of the fridge door that shows the little child’s face. The child looks down and seems somewhat dismayed. Either the looking down is for looking for more food or is due to disappointment. There is also another drawing in the bottom left-hand corner but is blurry, adding to the innocence that the director is trying to drive across.

0:10 – 0:12

The camera goes back to showing more of the fridge. It shows that the child was looking at the other very few options that they have. This frame also shows more of the food, showing three more containers and some condiments (which the boy seemed to be looking at). However, the fridge still looks abysmally empty. A hand drawn photo is shown of what seems to be his family in the bottom left corner again on the fridge.

0:12 – 0:13

It cuts to the boy stepping on a chair to stand up on it near the countertop.

0:13 – 0:14

The boy opens up cupboard that was out of reach to presumably find more food. However, there is not much food yet again, showing containers such as flour, yeast, canned meat and other food that the boy can’t eat normally. The canned meat brings up a question. Either the child doesn’t know how to open up the can, is not appitizing enough for him to even consider eating, simply missed the can while scanning, or isn’t allowed to eat the canned meat.

0:14 – 0:16

The frame shows a close-up of the boy’s face looking up at the cupboard. He seems to not reach for anything in the cupboard and moves his mouth in a way that conveys disappointment.

0:16 – 0:19

It shows the child standing on the floor and him walking away from the kitchen. As he walks, he looks up once more just to look down on the floor yet again.

0:19 – 0:25

A completely new person looks directly at camera speaking. The frame is still inside the house viewing the kitchen. Also, you can now see markings along the door at different heights and dates, indicating that the family used that to keep track of the boy’s growth and brings more empathy toward the child that didn’t eat.

0:25 – 0:30

It cuts to a white background with the words “Feeding America” (the logo) and “

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