Moving Image: Juniorgirlblog

0:00-0:004- The ad begins in the mall with the camera angle focusing on a kid teddy bear lying on the floor.  Then the angle shifts so I can see the view surrounding the bear ; which shows that people keep walking pass the bear and not paying it attention. It seems like it’s a young child who is between the ages of three and five has lost their bear when their parents were rushing to get somewhere.

0:07- The camera focuses a older man who came towards the teddy bear and picked it up. While he is picking it up; the camera then changes to a wider view where he is looking around suspiciously to see if there’s any kids around who he can ask if it’s their teddy bear.

0:16- A older lady is entering the mall, but the camera focus on her with the baby stroller and her struggling to get pass the first step.

0:15-0:20- The camera comes far out to show that a younger man came over to the lady with the stroller to help her get upstairs. They each are holding one end of the stroller so its equal weight.

0:21-0:23- The camera switches positions quickly with the old men and two young girls who is trying to find a parent who has a child that lost their bear. The camera also zooms in to see their face expression as they look around confused.

0:24-0:27-The camera switched back to the old men while he walks up to a mother and her young child. The camera zoom in on the family while the old man is talking to the family. It seem like he is trying to figure out if its the little girl teddy bear. The little girl nodded her head yes and took the bear from the old men. The camera shifted from the family to just focus on the little girl while she hug the bear.

0:28-0:33 – The camera focus on a baby bottle that was rolling around on the floor while everyone was looking.  A young teen founded a bottle, that a man with a baby stroller had dropped.

0:34- Camera switches back to the lady with the stroller. This time it’s three men that’s her with the stroller .Then the camera zoom outs to focus on them helping the lady.

0:35-0:40- The camera focus on the girl who give the bottle to the guy who dropped the baby bottle.  Then the camera zoom in on the young girl and the guy smiling at each other saying thank you.

0:41-0:45- The camera zoomed in on the parents as they smile ,kneeling down smiling to their kids.

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