Moving Image– childishharambe

Visual Analysis

0:01-0.04- The scene begins with showing a mother walking with her child in a stroller.  As she is strolling around she encounters a potential setback which was a large flight of stairs.  At the 0:04 mark you see a man come into the picture appearing to be helping the woman get the stroller up the stairs.

0:05-0:09- The story transitions to a stuffed plush toy being found by a man in what seems to be a mall like setting.  You then see a woman and what seems to be the same plush toy but in a different setting looking around to see if someone dropped it.  Both the man and woman with the toy end up handing the toy off to a child.  We don’t know who’s the toy was originally.

0:10-0:14- The ad resumes the initial scenario  and of the others.  It seems like this woman receives help from others regularly and this wasn’t something out of the ordinary for her.  This might portray her taking this trip often if not everyday.  The scenarios all relate by people receiving gifts or kind gestures from others.

0:15-0:19- At 0:15 the ad shifts focus and now we see the outcome of the children after receiving the plush toy, and the woman receiving help getting to the top of the staircase.  The diversity of each scenario is to represent people of all ages, gender and race need help. Whether you know the person or not it encourages you to go out and help others.

0:20-0:25-  A statistic that appears is shown to spark concern.  The statistic read “1 in 5 kids struggle with hunger”.  This is a call to action to inform others of problems people face everyday and a big one which is that some people don’t eat everyday.

0:26-0:30-  The visuals appear to conclude but not before the final message pops up.  The message reads “Help end childhood hunger near you” which is brought to you by ‘Feeding America’.  It also gives a website to donate or find out more information on other ways how you can help.  The PSA redirects you to

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