Critical Reading

Section 6

“She mirrors…she just mirrors” her dad’s behavior, Brannan says. She can’t get Katie to stop picking at the sores on her legs, sores she digs into her own skin with anxious little fingers. She is not, according to Brannan, “a normal, carefree six-year-old.”

-it is a interesting thing to see their kids copy their Parents PTSD actions.Especially at such a young age they will pick up anything.

Different studies of the children of American World War II, Korea, and Vietnam vets with PTSD have turned up different results: “45 percent” of kids in one small study “reported significant PTSD signs”

-Kids who parents show up with PTSD 45% of them appear to have the same signs as their parents.

-I believe that kids show more signs than their parents because of their young ages they will pick it up faster and it will be apart of their personalty for a good part of their lives.

But then in 2003, a team of Dutch and Israeli researchers meta-analyzed 31 of the papers on Holocaust survivors’ families, and concluded—to the fury of some clinicians—that when more rigorous controls were applied, there was no evidence for the intergenerational transmission of trauma

-When there is a more controlled environment the chances of trauma is less.

Holocaust survivors “had more resources and networks, wider family members and community to support them to adapt to their new circumstances after a war.” They were not, in other words, expected to man up and get over it. 

– I don’t believe that the reason why the  Holocaust survivors trauma rates were lower because they had more resources to help aid them.

-I think that they had were just in a different environment then the solider coming back from the war.

-An their kids didn’t have any signs because they would just want to forget about their time there. An would just hide there trauma from them.

Purposeful Summaries-Jonhjelly

Price to high

It seems counterintuitive the price to build a nuclear power plant is to high and not demanding right now. There are other concerns to be dealt with before we have to worry about a what if factor. One of the biggest problems we would face is money. Were would we find enough money to fund this project. Banks are not lining up at the door to come fund this idea no matter how good it could be for the state. But if we were to make a power plant other factors have to go into the idea. For instance the safety of the plant. Is it safe enough for people to work on and how many deaths happen per year. An the plants that we have right next to New York if a incident occurs then it would be chaos getting them out of the city. Nuclear power would be very beneficial towards the city but the cost of it will be to expensive.

New Yorker: ”silent Minds”

It seems counterintuitive that doctors have been misdiagnosing  patients of PVS when in reality they are conscious. Their has been serval studies completed in the late 1990s about patients who suffer from disorder of consciousness. But 15 to 43 percent of the time they are misdiagnosis because of the doctors relying on their bed side observation. The have been overlooking the patient behavior like their breathing and the way they smile or cry, and they would look at these characteristics as evidence of conscious. A lot of the patients who are blind are conscious and are able to communicate are just being misdiagnosis by the physicians.

The Daily Shower Can Be a Killer

It seems counterintuitive that the shower can be a killer to the elderly.  Falls are the common cause of death in older people. So the author of the article is explaining the percentages of a person falling in the shower. He talks about his which is 75 and how if he lives to reach 90 his life expectance then he has about 5 thousands more showers to go. An the odds of the author falling in the shower has now just gone by 5. He goes on to talk about to odds of a  dead tree failing on a person(1 in a 1000). Then he talks about how Guineans have to be be more alert and think clearly about dangers 911 to bail them out or doctors either. He states that they watch out for the wrong things. The author states that his hyper vigilance doesn’t keep him from living a full and happy life. He enjoys all the dangerous things but he try to keep in mind the danger ratios.

Visual Rhetoric—jonhjelly

0:01 : The is a family walking on a nice sunny day. All of them have their cell in their hands. The son looks like he is listening to music, the daughter looks like she is playing a game, and both the mother and father are sexting as well. It looks like they are walking to the park.

0:02 : Now it looks like something has caught the mother attention. Something must have happen because she took her attention of her phone to gaze upon it. The rest of the family is still on the cell phones and walking.

0:03: As the rest of the family still walking, the mother looks like she is about to get her husbands attention on the occurring situation.

0:04 : The screen cuts to the Mom phone. The video appears to have something to do with forest. The daughter is looking back at her mother with a huge smile on her face. So it must be good news.

0:05 : The screen shows the park that they were walking to. The daughter turns her head as if her breath is taken away from the view. The mother looks like she is watching the view as well.

0:06 : The daughter takes off her headphones and takes in the beautiful view of the park. In the background we can see that their are many kids running around in the park. So maybe their are walking to a kid birthday party in the park.

0:07 : In this view the family seems to be looking at the beautiful view of the lake. The Mother and Father hold each other hands as the approach the water.

0:08 : The screen cuts a close up of the daughter squatting  with her arms folded on her knees look upon the water.

0:09: It shows the daughter looking at herself reflection in the water. In the reflection you see tree be hide her.

0:10: So in this fame the daughter makes a silly face with her tongue sticking out. and on the bottom right of the screen the word selfie appears in white letters.

0:11: It is a close up of the moving water with a rock in it.

0:12: Now we see both the son and the daughter on each side of the small creek. They both have sticks in their hands putting the other ends of it in the water.

0:13:  Now the son looks up the the daughter who is still looking down at the water. On the bottom center of the screen the words Streaming appears.

0:14: Now we see the father and daughter gazing hard at something that is heath taking.

0:15: Now the father starts to squat next to his daughter eye level. They are standing side by side and he is pointing to something.

0:16: The screen turns to what they were pointing at. It was a black bird sitting on tree branch.

0:17: The screen stays on the same bird and now it says Tweet as if the bird is speaking.

0:18: Noe we see the son kneeling one the ground, and he appears to be playing around in the dirt with his hands.

0:19: It is a close up of a snell with a a leaf on the right side of the screen.

0:20: Its the same picture and the words Search Results appear on the upper middle of the screen.

0:21: It is still a close up on the snell but we see a hand, possible the sons hand picking up the snell shell.

0:22: The daughter,Father,Mother are all in a huddle with the daughter hands out. She is about to receive the shell from the sons hand. They all look like this is a beautiful thing to look at.

0:23: Now we see the son twirling the daughter in the park with the Mother watching them. In background we see another family walking by.

0:24: The family seems to be walking from the park as if their are about to leave. The mother has both hands on the daughters arms ad if she is about o take off and start running. Both father and son are just watching them.

0:25: Nothing changes except the word connected appear on the bottom of the screen.

0:26:The family continues to walking from the park. Now the son is looking straight ahead. The mother is looking at the father who is smiling. The daughter is smiling at the ground.

0:27: It shows the family backs as the walk away from the park and on the screen appears Find A Great Local Park OR Forest.

0:28:The words Discover the appears under the original words in the previous frame.

0:29:The family continues to walk further and further away.

Stone Money—jonhjelly

Webster defines money as a form or denomination of coin or paper money. After reading multiple articles about the creation of money, how other countries deal with there money problems , and how people from other cultures view and use money. I changed my views on money, I’ve realized that money isn’t worth as much as I treated it as. The value has changed since I was a child, because of inflation every year the value of money goes down little by little. In the 70s a dollar could go along way and could last you a week. Today you are lucky if you could purchase a water for a dollar. Now I views money as numbers in my checking account.

The NRP broadcast 423 The Invention of Money had discussed “that money is as real as the stones on the bottom of the ocean floor.”  They claim that money is fiction, Money value can disappear it is not set in stone. Back when we were on the gold standard each dollar correspond to a dollar of gold. Ever since we got off the gold standard the value of money is fluctuated. It has not been constant since.  Currency has changed into information, numbers and commas on a computer screen. Another interesting fact is that their are not even a trillion dollar bills in the world. Their aren’t even bills for most of the money that exits according to NRP broadcast. It is sad how much power this idea of money can make people do ridiculous and foolish things.

The way the money imported  into our economy is not as you imagine it would be. When I think our economy need money, I think the Federal Reserves sends freshly printed dollars bills to some of the biggest banks in our countries. Unfortunately that is not the case, what really occurs is the Federal Reserves type of how much money they think our economy needs and they put the number into the computer and buys how much of treasury bonds from banks. Just like that Money is sent into our economy according to NRP. They literarily make money out of nothing. Without printing any new bills or anything, they just type in numbers and with a click of a button money is created.

Money journey to come into our economy is still different. The federal reserves doesn’t  print a million bills and send into our encamp. Realistically they put numbers into a screen then they send it into a bank and  exchange the bank gives them bail bonds. No new money because most of the money out there doesn’t exists out there. So like a magican they make money out of nothing. Its a magical experience for the federal reserve to make money.

As I read other articles, My eyes were opened and  I realized that money value is all in our minds. At least it was in this small Island in Micronesia a Germany colony. This people on this very small Island had huge stones as there currency. Not even gold but stones that were round like big stone wheels. Now according to Milton Friedman there was a family on the island that was very wealthy but has never sen the money. But no one on the island has never questioned them about their wealth because of their ancestor. It was known that one of their ancestors went on a search for a stone that would have valuable in their currency.  But after coming across a deadly storm they had to let the valuable stone sink all the way to the bottom of the ocean. When he returned from his travels he told all of the people on the island about what he found and what happened when they ran into the deadly storm. Ever since than the family has been wealth because of their ancestors failures.  Its crazy to think that because of their ancestor failures the family is well off, with nothing to show for it. This just makes the augment on money being fiction even stronger.

Money has evolved into a fictional thing that people of our society fight, killer, and rob each other over. Recently on the internet the bitcoin has been making moves on the world in the last year. According to Jeff Reeves “the bitcoin has no federal bank to back its value. This means that there is no true value for this, its value is whatever the person is willing to pay for it.”. Every year money value goes’s down so who is to say that the idea of money won’t be relevant in a few more decades.

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