Definition Argument First Draft – PaulaJean5

Many people are unaware about just how much their mind controls their conscious/subconscious actions. You watch a commercial for some type of food, but you’re not exactly watching it. Unless it is the Super Bowl, you are probably too preoccupied with something else to be watching the commercials between your show. But then why when you go to the grocery store, are you craving this random kind of food? You don’t exactly think twice about it and you buy it anyway. That commercial that was on in the background subconsciously effected your actions without you even realizing.

This happens all day, everyday. What you glance at, hear, smell, hear; all of this is you exploring the world around you. But you do not give much thought to every single thing you see and hear. How does this happen? Sometimes it happens due to expectations and some occur just because your subconscious mind is more alert than your conscious. This is called the Placebo effect.

The Placebo effect is usually mentioned in terms of medical and pharmaceutical trials. Doctors are given an experimental group and a control group. The experimental group will receive the actual medicine and the control group will receive the placebo, or sugar pill. The most effective way to conduct this kind of experiment is double-blind. This means that the groups don’t know what they are receiving and the experimenter/doctor does not know who is receiving what.