OCT 19, 2016

Housekeeping: Categorizing your 11 Posts

Below your Username in the righthand sidebar, you should see links corresponding to each of the 11 required posts below. If not, you’ve forgotten to categorize.

  • A01: Stone Money
  • A02: Visual Rhetoric
  • A03: Summaries
  • A04: Stone Money Rewrite
  • E03: Critical Reading
  • A05: Proposal+5
  • E05: Missing Dollar
  • E04: Open Strong
  • A06: Visual Rewrite
  • E06: Safer Saws
  • E07: Polio Notes

Authors who have posted only 7 posts or fewer

  • akayoye
  • amazonite345
  • bluedream1997
  • celticpiney26
  • jsoccer5
  • themelodicpoet
  • theshiftyyman

New Feedback Rules

Beginning tonight, I will grade posts whether their authors have asked for feedback or not. No comments will accompany these grades. The feedback policy for the second half of the semester becomes much more interactive.

  • For major assignments such as the Stone Money, Visual Rhetoric, and Proposal posts, these grades will seem harsh since they’ll be based on the “if it were in your Portfolio” principle.
    • You may ask for feedback on these posts AFTER receiving your provisional grade, but only after you consult the Revision Group pages in the Lectures menu at the top of the blog.
    • Once you’ve scoured those pages for generic feedback and made substantial changes to your post, you may request feedback.
  • For minor assignments and Exercises, feedback is seldom requested or required. Do your best work on these assignments and accept your one-time grades as “one-offs.”
    • This does not mean I will deny your reasonable requests for feedback on small assignments. As long as we maintain an interactive relationship, I will always grant your requests.

A07: The White Paper

Lecture Demonstration. Advertising Failure.

Classwork. E08: Counterintuitive Predictions